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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Sanka, Dec 25, 2007.

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    We opened Lionel Thomas & Friends(6-30069)this morning and have a problem. Thomas runs only in Reverse at full speed. Forward(there is a DIRECTION button on the PowerMax transformer)she "hums" and, with a push, moves forward ever so slowly until she leaves the Terminal Track(power connection)section and then dead. I've tried switching connections on the Terminal Track and turning off the "Reverse" option switch on Thomas(which shuts down Reverse) and has no effect on Forward. I emailed Lionel and, where we bought it, but I don't expect a response on Christmas day. Any help out there? Thanks, Kirk
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    dear Sanka
    I don't know about anything current with Lionel but there used to be a lever that would lock the e-unit in position on the AC models. This would prevent the locomotive from changing directions. It doesn't sound like that is your problem but there were 3 places you could lock it..(there is only 2 positions to the switch, lock and unlocked)Neutral, forward and reverse. when you shut off the power to the train, or hit the direction button the eunit would spin internally and go to the next position F-N-R-N in that sequence. If the lever was locked in neutral all you got was a hum, but the lights would lite.
    Wish I knew more, you probably have unhappy children.:wave:
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    Weird, but while I was looking for help on the Web, our 4yr old got it running correctly. No idea what happened, but all's well. Thanks for your advice and have a good New Year. Kirk
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    Send him to Jeff Foxworthy!! He's SMARTER than a Fifth grader!!~!!!!


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