Lionel Operating Milk 3661, NOT operating. HELP?

Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by TedTrain, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. TedTrain

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    HI everone!

    I got a Lionel Operating Milk (36621) car that doesn't operate! I know some of how to fix these but not enough! I have that Lionel service manual that K-line put out. It doesn't tell me enough! This is what the car doesn't do! When you apply AC power to those sliding shoes, all it does is buzz! I'm using a Tyco Xfer, the AC side. I've used the same power supply to check out the Brakeman car, I got that to work!. I've taken the top off milk car. It has milk kegs still. I can manualy work all the parts, it all seems fine! Its also clean in there. What IS the problem? The power output is only 6V AC, as I said I got the Brake Car to work with it!

    HELP!! Ted
  2. pumpdude

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    Hi Ted,

    I think you may have to low of a voltage to kick the soliniod over. If I remember correctly track voltage shoud be 6-20vac. That little tyco dosnt have enough umff to run the car. Try to find a Lionel 1034 transformer to use for bench fork like that. Hope this helps you.


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