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    The new K-Line by Lionel RS - 3 " Hammer Head Diesel is impressive. What makes it even more so it that it has TMCC all for under $300. Mine came is that grand Pennsylvania Rail Road Tuscan color. The engine number is 8445 and includes lighted number boards. The light on the long end is a powerful single light. The short end has dual lights and includes mars lights.

    The level of detail on the body is great and includes such things as separate grab rails, vented top fan, vented side grills on the long end, real life walk way hand rails, engineers facing toward the long end, additional detail decals such as fire extinguisher and Danger 600 volts, break wheel, horn, radio antenna and much more.

    I find the gaps between the tucks and body to be good but I expect there would be a very small faction that would not agree. Now the tucks are nice but they do lack the detail one would see on a higher priced engine. I checked for scale by placing it among my other scale engines and I must say they did a great job.

    Once again I find the rollers and arms superior to what I see on my large inventory of MTH engines. The gears and wheels operate smooth as does the very clear sound system. The horn is very clear and loud and the sound system is one of the best I have heard.

    The smoke output is very good, though the smoke stack is very narrow making it one of the harder ones to fill.

    Operation in either TMCC or conventional went flawless. The automatic coupler are a nice addition for an engine of this price.

    Well this is the first impression over view of this great engine.
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    we want pics! :wave7: we want pics!
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    They are coming, my daughter has a basketball game first so when I get back. Sorry about the bad spelling Oz. I reread my post and I give you an A for getting through all the type-o's.
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