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    Please help me as I have been out of the model train "loop" for 40 years and just found this site.

    Got an O/O27 Lionel 4-6-4 Hudson class steam locomotive around 1958 for Christmas, stored since 1970 but pulled out of the morgue for this past contribution to Christmas decorating and the spirit of the season. Enjoyed by all except the Dobermann.

    I am curious what/which Hudson I have and some history, real and Lionel. Don't have the accompanying instructions or write-up. The engine has the number 2046 on the cab while the tender is lettered Pennsylvania. The engine box has the ID #2046-10, and the tender box has the ID#2046W. The ID plate on the bottom of the engine says nothing about Hudson.

    I know there are books out there on the subject but wanted some info before I get one.
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    I think you have one of Lionel's generic small hudsons. I think there were two boilers on the same chassis -- one sort of New York Central and one Santa Fe.
    See if your library has a book on "Lionel - the post war years".

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