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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by Ifixyourcrash, Dec 17, 2004.

  1. Ifixyourcrash

    Ifixyourcrash New Member

    I have collected quite a bit of Lionel G since 1987 when I bought the Gold Rush Speciial for my daughter. Although only used at Christmas, some of the track sections are slightly deformed, causing the train to derail when it passes. any remidy to this short of new track? any of the other brands compatible with lionel?
  2. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict

    I think I had the same track - is it hollow?? If it is - then Aristo Craft & LGB will both work with it. :) I think that all G track is the same in the US. :)
  3. Oldmax

    Oldmax Member

    :cry: If you are collecting Lionel "G" scale Because you like Lionel Fine. But there are a lot better products on market. If you are looking for top of line would
    look at LGB not always Scale but real runners First time Every time out of Box. not so with other Brands . Then other brands in middle with Bachman last. Bachman has made some good engines lately. New Bright not even in running . I use them for Decoration wrecks & etc. When buying figure out what you wan't then what brand is best buy for money. engine & what you wan't installed in it if you want DCC ,Sound Etc . Sometimes you can buy with all installed for about same price. By changing brands.
  4. Danny

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    I cerainly would not rubbish Bachmann products, I have ten Large Scale locomotives (eight Bachmann) they offer the best value for money today, unless you are modelling Standard gauge railways, then perhaps Aristocraft ot USATrains would be better suited, as Bachmann models only Narrow gauge equipment.
    Regards, Danny Sheehan downunder in Oz.
  5. Oldmax

    Oldmax Member

    :sleeping: Danny Check out underline on orignial post . I have several 10 wheelers from the first Battery powered radio controled D&RG engine.But up untill about 2 years ago, when they started making Specturn engines they were not up to running 8 or 10 hrs at a time as i some times run mine will put on track early in morning and let run all day while i work in yard. I have two specturm engines that will run with any of the other engines A Mogal & American . Although they will not run Over LGB switches without Mod. hang up on guides on center drive wheel, I remove guides . I think about all G scale are made in same factory in China to each Co. Spec. Of corse I am speaking of my experince someone else might have had better luck than I did with them. Some of the newer engines I would love to have 2 or three of. " I have been corrected By Phone Bachman is made in different factory" "in China".

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