Lionel Fast Track vs. MTH

Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by JohnZrx, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. JohnZrx

    JohnZrx New Member

    I am in the very beginning stages of setting up a model train layout. Are there any particular advantages to using the
    Lionel Fast Track versus, for example, the MTH (which I looked at today and thought they were a good-looking product)?
  2. Dave Farquhar

    Dave Farquhar Member

    The only advantage that really matters is what you like and what's easiest for you to snap together. Everyone has slightly different preferences, which is why there are so many competing products out there right now.

    If you're going to set the track up on the floor for temporary layouts, the Lionel Fast Track with built-in roadbed helps keep carpet fuzz out of your trains, but it doesn't sound like that's what you intend to do.

    I'll add one other suggestion. I'm very lucky and have a choice of about five or six places nearby who sell O gauge stuff. Most of them are only open while I'm at work though. One is just a couple of miles away and happens to be open until 9 PM though. If I were starting from scratch, I'd make sure whatever I bought, they sold. It really stinks to be working on your layout during your one free night, realize you need one more curve or three more straights than you bought, and not be able to run down the street to buy what you need to finish.
  3. 3railguy

    3railguy Member

    I have a loop of both. I like fastrack better but it does not have the variety that MTH has. This will change as Lionel introduces more curve diameters, switches, etc. I do not own fastrack switches but they have had good reports. The controllers have an awesome retro look. The problem I have with MTH realtrax is it is a little tougher to assemble. The contacts under the pieces get bent easily and are difficult to detect unless you lift the track and inspect it or use an ohmeter during assembly.
  4. Greg Elems

    Greg Elems Member

    The MTH has solid rail, which I like over the formed rail from Lionel. My boys and I have had good luck with the MTH Realtrax. I also have the MTH Scaletrak and it is sensitive to multiple set up and take down sessions.

  5. 3railguy

    3railguy Member

    I forgot to mention Fastrack works with magnetraction, MTH doesn't. Something to consider.
  6. Greg Elems

    Greg Elems Member

    Ah yes, Magnetraction. Most of the units I run currently don't have it, and my boys engines from Williams do not either. Good point though.


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