Lionel engine top plate cracked

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    OK, well i got an engine off ebay and well it ran the first 2 days fine, and great, then well my luck it stopped working =(. Anyway i took it apart and found the problem. ON the motor is a top plate where it spins, thats where the 2 magnets touch this plate and i found it broke in 2 places, now has anyone repaired this piece before, and what would u reccomend so that it stays in place?
    I tried putting it back in place, and well, ran it around the track and half way it fell apart again. There should be a picture of it, if i did it right. thanks.

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  2. Jim Krause

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    Is it plastic? Appears to be from your photo. If you have both pieces, just get some two part epoxy or gorilla glue and then put the glue on the broken area and carefully align the two pieces. Try to gentlly clamp the pieces together until the glue cures. Is the broken piece the upper bearing support for the motor shaft? If so, be careful not to get glue in the hole or if you do, clear it out with a drill of the appropriate size.

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