Lionel 224 Steam Engine Smoke?

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  1. steve boxer

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    Sorry if this has been asked hundred's of times before: I am trying to get my Dad's Lionel 224 Steam Engine smoking again. The engine was a gift after an extended stay in the hospital due to Polio.

    I think he got the train in 1946 and my best guess is that either it never smoked or took a bayonet mount w/ an indent bulb and a pellet.

    Can anyone answer tihs mystery for me (my Dad does not remember) and suggest an option to uprade it to a modern and working option.

    Thanks very much.
    Babylon~Long Island
  2. Cannonball

    Cannonball More Trains Than Brains

    Lionel offers replacement units from dealers. You can find them on the web or find someone who does repairs and can replace it for you either locally or online.

    This is an interesting article about the old smokers from Lionel as far as cleaning and repairing goes.
  3. Dave Farquhar

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    The Standard Catalog of Lionel Postwar Trains by David Doyle doesn't mention the 224 having smoke, so my guess is that it does not (listings for other locomotives mention whether they have a pill or liquid smoke unit).

    A liquid smoke unit costs less than $20 (I bought a couple for $12 each a few years ago). The question is if there's anyplace to mount it.

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