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Discussion in 'Model Rail Operations' started by jon-monon, Feb 6, 2004.

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    Yahoo, Ry-Ops Industrial SIG

    This is the Yahoo Rail Ops group. Mostly working with Railroad operations and Industrial practices. Someone else here on The Gauge pointed me to this site. Who ever you are, THANKS!

    Lots of info here.

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    The Operations SIG Focuses on Realistic Prototypical Operation

    Scroll down to the Operations Primer.
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    A rumor has persisted that this manufacturer of NEAT MRR Oper. printed Carcards, Waybills and other related items had sold out his business.
    Having sent Don an e-mail message to check on this, he replied that he was still in full operation. Contact info:

    Old Line Graphics
    1604 Woodwell Road
    Silver Spring, MD, 20906 (301)460-9193

    There has been some past problem with e-mail contact from some servers, but if you write him or give him a call, he may be able to establish an e-mail link to your e-address.
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    There are a couple of us in here who belong to the yahoo ry ops ind sig.Great group of very knowledgable folks.Many are into operations far beyond what most folks would do,but,they sure know thier stuff!!
    They also have a file section loaded with some fabulous tools including a car cards and waybills program for using your printer to print out these items rather than purchasing.
    I printed mine out using thier program and using spray adhesive glued them to card stock for a heavier duty car card.worked great and cost very little to do over 200 car cards and over 200 waybills.
    I do own a paper cutter and this was quite helpful to keep sizing consistant.
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