Linka Plaster building moulds

Discussion in 'Trackside Photos & Details' started by slekjr, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. slekjr

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    I found these while searching for plaster moulds, and even though it was Sunday morning I sent an email for some information, and I couldn't believe it, but I had a response within 2 hours. The whole package of 18 moulds is available as a set. you might have to email for more information, but the whole set is less than $200 including shipping.
    Check out the site for pictures of what people have built from these moulds.
    It seems like the affordable answer to having a lot of buildings on a home layout.
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  2. doctorwayne

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    Looks like an interesting idea, Charlie. I've added the link to my Favourites, as I may try this out when I get back to working on the layout.


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