Lining up trailing edges

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    I have often encountered a problem with aircraft when it comes to the trailing edge. I pre fold the leading edge and pre curve the upper surface and the fix down the internal structure. I then run in to problems when I get to joining the trailing edges. Sometimes I find the upper surface comes over too far and you get a white edge underneath or the upper surface is too small and you get a white edge on the top. If I pull them to line them up I get a twist in the wing, the only way to get around this is to trim the white edge back. What should I be doing?
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    Sometimes it's better to just curve the Leading edge, rather than folding it. sometimes they're not going to match up exactly, due to any number of causes. The most important thing is to get a straight, twist free flight contorl surface. I trim lots of things, and cover it with a felt pen of appropriate color. Sometimes I do a slight trim, even when the mating is good, just to compleltly match the edges.

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