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    I hope that this works I'm trying to attach a url for a line storage building. Since I know VERY little of how real railroads work how does the car get onto the track?
    I think you might have to copy and paste it.
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    To the best of my knowledge they were hand lifted to the track for the small ones :rolleyes:
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    The method of turning that I remember from the 70’s was a simple turntable. It looked like a car jack that set in the middle of the track. It would rotate a frame that was set on the jack. The frame was a set of rails a little longer than the motor car. The rails set on cross members that sat on the jack. The whole contraption was higher than the railhead, so that when you pushed the car onto the frame, it would balance out and be supported only by the pivoting jack. They would turn the frame 90degrees and roll the car onto the track in the shed. Disassemble the temporary turntable and you were done.

    Greg Elems
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    The track cars have two wooden handles that extend the entire length of the car. They can slide back and forth. The car is kept in the shed with it's wheels on the wooden timbers you see in the photo. It is rolled out to the track, the handles are extended forward, and the front end is lifted over the rails. The handles are pulled to the rear and the rear is lifted, the car turned, and the rear wheelsd put on the rails. The front end is then lifted onto the rails. With the handles pulled out all the way, one man has enough leverage to lift an end of the car easily. HTH Bill...
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    Thanks guys I have been enlightened once again.Bill although you say it could be done by one man he must have had a strong back.
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    Patrick .... thanks for that nice photo of the handcar shed I will add it to my collection of photos of structures to build. Love that sleeper plate keeping the door closed . I have a very nice photo of a handcar which I took at the Raidial Railway in Canada. I will post it when I find it
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    The handcar sheds in Canada usually had timber rails out to the track and a wooden platform between the rails. The car would be pushed out until it sat on the platform and the the handles pulled out (Like a wheelbarrow) and then it was picked up and rotated into line. The handles could also be used to change tracks at switches without unlocking and changing the switch. the timber platform would have round grooves in it where the handcars & gascars were always turned.
    If the main line was 2 tracks, there might be a second platform and the next track. The shed where I grew up (Perth, Ont) has 3 doors on the shed and 3 sets of rails and platforms. Most sheds I remember had and extra bit of office space, usually at the left end.
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    hand Trolley

    Here is the Hand trolley as promised the guy on it is one of the volunteers working for the Radial Railway which preserves and runs Street cars In Onterio, Canada he was working on the tracks nearby and agreed to pose for me. I have some nice pictures of their street cars which I will post if anyone is interested

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