Limited Edition PBY Catalina

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  2. zathros

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    $800 bucks, and he didn't even paint it. That's well over $1000 dollars by the time your done with the paints and other necessities. It's big at 4 feet or so, but geez, I saw many plastic imperfections in that mold. For that price, it should be perfect. Since the wings where cloth, perfect becomes subjective. Molds are expensive, he could have saved some if he made the cloth surfaces cloth (supplied of course) and stamped it out of aluminum. It would have probably been cheaper!

    It's intense, but personally, the embodiment of why I got away from plastic. The piping for the wiring should have been glued onto the inside of the fuselage by the builder, and then you would not have that fatal half round radius with two tangent lines forming a surface. It would be great if he sold a lot of those parts, so the rest could be made out of aluminum, canvas, or paper. Neat, definitely neat. :)
  3. McGee

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    This is going to sound like a nit picky thing to address. While i actually loved the heck out of it and would probably buy it, had i not the terrible misfortune of the money trees and six pence shrubs in my yard burned up this psst summer.
    one thing that stood out to me was that as big and flippin heavy as the Catalina is...those tires should gave been sculpted to represent heavy load bearing. And as Zathros said, the issues with having msde the wings out of multi media and the chance to skin with fabric.
    Otherwise, shut the bigger prt of my mouth. Id love to have that kit.

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