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  1. Wiley_Oompa

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    I have a Lima O scale model train that I have had for more than 20 years. My parents got it for me in Italy on their honeymoon. I played with it a bit as a kid but it wasnt compatible with any of my Lionel stuff so I rarely even took it out of the package.

    Now I am older and want to set this up in my house but I have no information regarding this train. The track looks totally different than the Lionel stuff. The transformer is a battery pack which I think is a bit inefficient and would like to change that to an AC pack if possible.

    I would like any info anyone has to offer regarding this. I have played with model trains before but they were Tyco toys and the Lionel stuff as well. This Lima is totally new to me.

    Thank you
  2. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Don't chance it.
    I don't know what Lima you have, but unless it's 3-rail it probably has a DC motor, while the Lionel runs on AC. Since it's a battery pack, it's almost certainly DC.
    Question: How many of what batteries does it take or what voltage does it provide?
    Unless the Lima is rated at 12 Volts, even your Tyco power pack might cook it. The Lionel pack certainly will.
    You might be able to run it with a DC converter like you get for portable CD players or computer accessories. Some of them even have adjustable voltages. This might be hookable into your battery pack.
  3. Wiley_Oompa

    Wiley_Oompa New Member

    Ok, I should be a bit more specific when I say that I want to use AC power. I meant that I want to use an AC/DC power supply. I just need to find a adjustable voltage DC output power pack. I believe that the output voltage is 9 volts. The original power supply looks like it takes "C" cell batteries and about 8 of them. The little power meter on it has a 9v at the full point for forward and reverse. There is nothing written on it to identify the specifics of the batteries needed. I am sure the original instructions said something but alas, I have lost them.

    I have a regulated 12volt power supply that I used to power my DC charger for my rc car batteries. I am going to try to find some sort of regulator with an input and output that I can connect to try to make it work temporarily.

    Anyway, any suggestions on what kind of track this thing uses and where I might be able to find compatible cars, etc??

    Lastly, does anyone know what this train set might be worth? Is this a cheapo train that I dont want to mess with or is it worth hanging on to??

    Thanx again for the help
  4. Kieren

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    Lima O like most Lima was/(is?) cheap. The rail they used had a very small code for O, maybe it was HO rail. Lima O will run OK on Peco, Atlas or many other 2 rail O tracks. Mostly did not run very well though. Because they were not powerful motors the current draw should be low enough to use a HO train set transformer for a small layout using Lima O.
  5. Wiley_Oompa

    Wiley_Oompa New Member

    I noticed last night that the battery pack for my train has "O", "HO" and another classification on it so you are probably right. I am thinking that I am just going to put it up on my wall as a display and not worry about using it. I am thinking about setting up a "Z" scale train throughout my house on the wall....

    Thanx again.
  6. jon-monon

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    8 C cells in series = 12 VDC, because each is 1.5 V (alkalines). The safest option would be to NiMH batteries in it and buy a charger. If it were mine, I would say it handles 12 V fine and go for a standard modern HO scale type power pack and see what it does, refraining from exceeding half throttle. If you want to be sure, you might try to measure the output with a DC voltmeter and compare that to the HO pack. I wouldn't trust the built in meter.

    If they were in parallel, they would put out 1.5 VDC. Although sometimes they use a combination of series/parallel, there is no sane way, nor logical reason to get 9 volts out of 8 batteries, unless they are not 1.5V ea :confused: :confused: :confused: So, I a pretty sure the output with fresh batteries is 12 VDC.

    Note: different types of batteries can put out different voltages. NiCads, of example are 1.2 VDC per cell.

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