lima conversion to kadees?

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by MarioBarb, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. MarioBarb

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    Have a lot of Lima Ho rolling stock with European style hook couplers. Would like to convert to Kadees or similar. Anyone done this, are there any issues I should be aware of. Don't want to buy a whole lot of couplers to find out I can't use them. Any preference betwen kadee vs ez Mate (Bachmann)?


  2. UKSteam

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    Good question MarioBarb. I'm in a similar position with a lot of Lima and Hornby rolling stock from my younger days. I'd like to upgrade some of my coaches for closer coupling ; and I read several threads here on magnetic uncoupling which look like they would be fun to work at. An unfolded and then rebent paper clip currently does the work for me !!!
    I'll watch this thread you've started with interest.
  3. eightyeightfan1

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    I just checked the Kadee website for conversion. The only thing they make kits for is Lima locos.
    You could try body mounting Kadee #5 to the Lima rolling stock, or buy trucks with the Kadee couplers already mounted, and replace the original trucks.
    Keep us informed on your progress.
  4. Triplex

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    I'll assume these are European-prototype equipment, in which case US-prototype trucks won't be right. And I doubt Kadee offers Euro trucks with couplers installed.

    And some of the equipment may be 4-wheel.
  5. lester perry

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    The onlytghing i can say is go with Kadee thry are a far better coupler. Tother brans are made of plastic an if thr trip wire is lo it will catch th rail in a switch an break thr knuclr off ofthe neck or shank , whatever it is called fotgive spelling stil in hospital.
  6. 60103

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    One of our club members did a presentation after (nearly) completely converting his British stock to Kadees. Application of Kadee Couplers to British Models
    I don't have any continental Lima, so I'm not sure how the couplings are mounted. If they're just screwed on, you can probably find a Kadee that will fit. If they're NEM universal mounts, you can pull them out and push a Kadee NEM in. Otherwise, you may have to hack.
    The Kadee website has mounting specifications for all their couplings; the heights are in inches and they vary between fractions and decimals.
    Some of the imitations have different mounts that might be useful.

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