Lightweight Access Hatch

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    I know that some of you post on other forums and may have seen this but in case you don't (post, that is.) and haven't (seen it. :rolleyes: ) maybe you'll be interested. :sleeping:

    Here are a few photos of a lightweight access hatch that I had to make in my lightweight MRR. The hatch is very necessary to access the rear quarter of this 4'X6' area of the RR.

    I put it off for a long time but it was really easy to make once I got started. I finally cut this access about a year ago.

    Lightweight access hatch is in the area of the ore plant.

    Access hatch removed by pushing up from below (Or pulling gently from above.)

    "Popping up" (Pretty gruesome, eh?)

    Working in the "hole".

    Closer View of open hatch.

    Lightweight hatch on top of roundhouse. The hatch is entirely made of 1/2" blue foam. Half of the ore plant and trees and other structures are attached to the hatch as you can see.
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    Very nifty Jim! I have a similar hatch but wish I'd made it out of light weight foam instead of half inch ply! I keep looking at your first pic and cannot find a tell tale seam. Nice!

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