Lighting is dim...Help!!!

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by TrainJunkee, Sep 6, 2007.

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    Hi I am instaling the lighting for my train yard and engine house... I have 18 lights. I am using Brawa double yard lights and 6 lights in my engine service facility they are connected in series and the light seem really dim. when I have one light hooked to the power supply it is nice and bright... Maybe a little too bright... Would it make a difference if I hooked them up in parallel circuit? I don't have 18 power supplies to hook each individual light to nor would I want to... What is the trick to get the lights a little brighter?
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    Many years ago, I talked about this subject on here. I am a Ham Radio Operator. I used power supplies up to 50 amps for my radios. You can get a 20amp/13.8vdc power supply from Astron cheap. You can connect alot of lights with something like that! Take alook at Welcome page for power supplies. You don't need an Astron, but I have used them for years of reliable service!
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    Installing them in parallel will result in them all getting the same voltage--they will all have the same brightness.

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