Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1 Build

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  1. Well it about time i posted something again ..anyways here goes..

    First of all lets get one thing out of the way...

    I did not design the model featured in this build thread and take no credit for doing so,i am however making changes to the design and build to suit my build..

    This model was released over at as a 24 part advent calender ,visiters were allowed to download 1 part/page of the model per day in the run up to xmas,i made sure i got them all!!!

    The model is designed in 1/43 scale which i am changing to 1/24 scale, bigger is easier for me!!

    Ok so after i collected all the parts i then did some research online to get as much info about the real thing as i could,then it was onto a build attempt.

    So i decided to start from the bottom and work up ,so the first thing is the wheels,there are a total of 18 wheels for this thing!!,in my re-design of the wheel ive gone from 7 parts per wheel(which included wheel hub) to a total of 11 parts per wheel,not including the hubs,these will be added to the re-design of the axles..

    pictures to follow when i get them uploaded..

    will be back...
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    Looking forward to this build! Good luck!!
  3. A few pics

    A few pics in no particular order ....

    Added a couple more pics of the first of the completed wheels,note that they have hollow centers,this is because the wheel hubs will be on the axles rather than as the original where they are part of the wheel...

    On another note ..Please DO NOT send me requests for ANY missing part/parts for this collection ,as stated when i started this thread ,i DID NOT design this model and therefore DO NOT hold any permissions to share /distribute any of the files !!!..

    If you want this model you need to go over to and send a request to the right person!!
  4. update

    okies i'm back again ....

    not sure how i need to word this,but i'm sure someone will correct me if its wrong ...

    I'm not sure at what point i can say that this model is my design?,i'm using the original design only as a starting point for my build,i am using some of the original parts but am changing the design of most of them , so anyway maybe i could take part of the credit for the build? i dunno? anyway on with the update!!!

    Just finished the last of the 18 wheels for the beast of a model

    two more pics,one showing the new size of my wheel compared with the original,the other showing all 18 wheels completed(and my full ashtray!!) ..

    Ok on to the next bit , the axles, and as yet ive not managed to find out what they actually look like on the real thing ,on the original design they ar just a rectangle shape box,so i'm going to give them more of an axle shape,from what i have researched there are a total of 9 axles,2 are fixed non driven ,and the other 7 are driven with stearing,so thats about it on this for a day or so maybe while i design the new axles...

    oh and i'm not using any 3d software to do this ..just want to keep it simple !!!
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    Sheesh! That's patience.
  6. and after a few more hours

    After a few more hours of drawing ,cutting,folding,glueing,TRASHING, etc etc etc ...

    This is my final attempt at a hub ....

    First a couple of pics of the hub itself...

    Then a few with if in place inside a wheel ....

    Just another 17 to build !!!!

    The plan is to make it so the hub+wheel will rotate on the axle once completed ....

    Will be back !!
  7. update

    just a quick update ...

    still working on hubs!!!

    hub production line ...8 parts per hub!


    First try at new axle ...looks ok i think? ..i just need to re think it to make it a bit stronger ...


    will be back ...
  8. back again!!

    All the hubs done !!!

    I put them all in the wheels just to show what they look like ,they will not be glued to the wheels!

    The idea of this is so that on the finished model the wheels are removable to show axle detail ....

    If and when its complete lol


    Back to working on the axles now,may not be back for a couple of days with an update ...gonna be getting very drunk 2moro night!!


    Will be back
  9. update

    Hello folks ....

    After a short break for getting drunk over New Year i returned to working on the axles...

    The idea was to give the axle stearing and to also allow wheel hubs to rotate,i managed to get it how i wanted it after a few attempts....

    The axle is not yet finished as i need to add the center shafts joining each axle together..cant remember what its called ,but anyways it covers the white circle you can still see on the axle...

    Sorry about picture quality,taking pics not my strong point sorry...

    A couple of pics of the axle with hubs but no wheels ...


    And a few with the wheels on! ....



    Will be back!....
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    Its pretty amazing.. I am really looking forward to see your entire built... Its a mega monster machine, and I am very much facinated by its level of details and size :)
  11. update

    Hi folks ....

    Have done a bit more on this monster .....

    Have had a bit of a re-think on the build ,my first axle has gone in the bin !

    Started on the re-design of the chassis,as i'm changing the axles the chassis had to be completley re-designed to accomadate the new axles ..

    After making the first two parts of the chassis i then had to remake them after suffering from wrinkley paper syndrone ....

    After this i decided to re-design and remake the axles from card ,also the chassis is made from card ..the card i'm using is sold as card but its not really thick so is ideal for this ..anyways thats about it for now..

    just a few pics ...

    First two sections of chassis..Length = 350 mm or 13 3/4" in old money lol..

    Third section of chassis ready for cutting,and parts for the axles ..

    may be back later today with a few more pics....
  12. update

    good morning folks ..time for an update ....

    Have been up all night building and designing ...

    so a few more pics ...

    first the chassis of the monster , took on top of A4 paper 3 pics is length


    next we have a few more part sheets,these are new parts not included in original model ..

    and a couple of the axles in thier approx position (suspension still to be added) ..left to right axles 9 and 8 stearing but no drive,axles 7 and 6 no stearing and no drive..

    in my next update i will make sure i have at least one axle in its final position complete with suspension..

    will be back
  13. update

    Well its that time again ...

    since my last last update ive been working on the design for the suspension,it is based on a 1/50 diecast model of the same thing ..

    as i said in my last post i wanted to finish at least one axle,complete with suspension....

    well here it is !!


    Goals achieved so far on the build ..

    Turning Wheels ... Check
    Stearing ..... Check
    Suspension ... Check

    On the pictures above you should see the big yellow oblong shapes ..(well ya can't miss them really) ..those are working spring loaded shocks,they are made completely from paper and contain no hidden metal (i:e a spring) they have 10 mm of travel ,by the time i have all 9 sets on the model it should support the weight.. well i hope

    Will be back ..but not for a few days ,i have lots of parts ready for building ,on my next post i should have a complete rolling chassis...
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    Three responses might be discouraging but look at the views - 624 after only 10 posts! Not bad for a bunch of wheels, tires, axles and suspension. Hope you'll continue to update here. There is interest.
  15. ekuth

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    Definately. Don't place number of comments on level of interest- we have alot of people who lurk and never post, or who don't post regularly.

    I'll be sad not to see this continue here.
  16. update

    ello folks ...

    Build still in progress .. a few pics ...

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  17. update

    and a few more ....

    will be back soon.....

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    Awesome build! :thumb:

    I'm glad you decided to keep posting here.

    As much as I love the content on the Euro paper sites the language barrier keeps me from spending a lot of time there.

    I especially appreciated your clean wheels. I've got a car build stalled right now because I can't get motivated to build the tires. Your build is inspiring me to get back to it!

  19. update

    good evening folks .....

    so i finished the rolling chassis at last ..yay ....:mrgreen::mrgreen:

    but wait ... its wrong ...:curse::curse:

    After studying the drawings i have for it wall1,i had lost 30 mm from the length of the chassis , after a bit more study ...i found the the space between each set of wheels was 10 mm to small on each set...wall1

    So out with the big bladed knife!!!:twisted::twisted:

    I chopped the chassis carefully along the joins ,made a few 10mm boxes,stuck it back togeher ,added a few extra pieces to strenghen the joins and all is good again ....:thumb::thumb:

    Working from the drawings of the real thing , and the fact that i should have it at 1/24 scale the whole model should be 830 mm in length, as it stands now i have a length of 780 mm ,but i have a lot more to go on that will make up the length,my next job is to work up from the chassis re designing as i go ,using the original,and the drawings as a starting point for the parts..

    will be back soon..
    so on to the pics ...(still need to make driveshafts)

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