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    I would like to know if there is a hobby shop in Hawai, and if there is does any body have the street adress, I have friends that are traveling to Hawai in a few months and are into trains themselves and have asked me, to ask you girls and guys for this information. thanks for any info you can give me....have a good one..steve
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    I went to Hawaii when i was 8 so about 9 years ago and i did not find anything, I went to a book store to look for some train books and they had nothing either but that was a long time ago,
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  4. Livesteam

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    I did go on that railroad with the steam train, that was nice i forget what it is called but i think its the only on in Hawaii.
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    Ausien, here are a couple more links to try. One is a hobby shop and the other is the city listing of hobby shops

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