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    I'm new to G railroading and am having a problem with some used LGB track. Some pieces and switches are missing the connectors that connect the track pieces. I am not sure how they were removed because of the tab that is bent down at 90 degrees to go thru a slot in the tie. How are they removed and, more importantly, reattached?

    They can be assembled if the ties are removed and reinstalled but then the retention of the connector is compromised. Does anyone know what I am talking about? Anyone have an answer?

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    David: Technical term is rail joiners but you may also hear fishplates. Real RRs call them joint bars.
    They should be available in a hobby shop or online. You don't need the little tab to hold them into the ties, that just keeps them from falling off when the track is taken apart. I just use straight joiners on my HO track, but I have some sectional track with tabs.
    They may have been taken off to make electrical gaps or put on plastic joiners. Possibly the rail can be slid back to open up the space, but rail often has its own tabs in the ties.
    There are also heavy-duty versions for G gauge that are held on by screws.
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    I did an atricle on those very same rail joiners in our e-mag:
    Track Tune Up

    They actually are on page 2, but you can use the article to shoe you how to troubleshoot the connections.

    If you have any questions PM me or ost here :) I'll answer all I can!!
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    Thanks to you both for your help. By searching with the proper term "rail joiner" I found some additional good advice.

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    COOL!!! Glad we could help! :D

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