Let's see that workbench!

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by thewoodengraver, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. sdk2knbk

    sdk2knbk Guest

    My "workbench" is portable, anywhere there's a flat surface big enough to work on becomes my workbench. I don't have a safe place to leave anything set up when I'm not working on it, and spend my "free" time split between two locations. The unsafe factors include three cats, and a cockatiel. So I lug this back and forth, loaded with whatever models are in favor at the moment. The in-progress builds are in a clamshell cardboard box that also goes back and forth.

    Scott K.
  2. CardStalker

    CardStalker Member

    I'm just glad to see that I'm not the only one that has a beer when I building.
  3. rlwhitt

    rlwhitt Active Member

    Ooooh, I'll play! Mostly cleaned up at the moment:
  4. loafandjug

    loafandjug Member

    Lucky!! I'm with sdk2knbk i carry everything around in a shoe box lid and put it down wherever i can find an empty space to build.

  5. popala

    popala Member

    I especially like your Staropramen project. What I wouldn't give for one...
  6. paperbeam

    paperbeam Member

  7. DrBill

    DrBill Member

    Here's my unsuccessful attempt at organizing confusion. The computer has its own 6-foot table and doesn't interfere with modeling. All evidence pointing to wine and beer consumption has been moved....
  8. Mark_1984

    Mark_1984 Guest

  9. milhistory

    milhistory Member

    Trying to wrap up my latest project, Modelik's M2 Bradley
  10. cmdrted

    cmdrted Active Member

    My Evil Lair!

    Here's the PapierwaffenFabrik, or as "the other" describes it, a blight on an otherwise tidy house! ie Pigsty!
  11. josve

    josve Active Member

    Here is mine taken a little while ago.Haven't changed much til today....oh yes the Greif has got some tracks on :)

  12. MOS95B

    MOS95B Member

    The Missus will never see this thread. The tiny little areas some of you folks work on would give her ideas. I deas I wouldn't wnt to have to agree with. And I would have to agree with her, because I like sleeping with my eyes closed....
  13. DrBill

    DrBill Member

    A completely subjective statistical analysis of the 15 workspaces so far indicates that just under 75% of us have something approaching a space dedicated to model-building (while the rest live out of shoeboxes and the like). I also conclude (subjectively, anticipating what my wife would say) that 60% of us are messy, while only 40% maintain a tidy workspace. I'm in the former category -- so much so that our cleaning lady has been banned from the study. Not because she breaks models while dusting (which she does!), but because the space is too messy for her, and my wife doesn't want to pay extra to have her to throw out all those little bits of paper on the desk. That's a win-win in my book....
  14. airbob

    airbob Member

    a mans' (workplace) after my own heart!.....I still think that my workspace is much messy-er :cry: HELP!....bob out....
  15. paulhbell

    paulhbell Guest

    I like the computer desk josve.
  16. shrike

    shrike Guest

    Mine is already in the last thread, although since then I've added some more lights and an "L" bench with a tracing table (Top of an old entertainment center and the used glass out of one of the bead blasters at work)
  17. MadProfessor

    MadProfessor New Member

    here is mine:
    and this is my mobile workbench
  18. The-Jazzman

    The-Jazzman Member

    I don't see how they heck you can build anything in those messes. How they haeck you get any actual work done? Holy Moly! You peeps are freakin' me out!

  19. Mark_1984

    Mark_1984 Guest

    Is that a work bench or an operating theatre ;)

    I'll post a pick of my mess later :oops:
  20. MOS95B

    MOS95B Member

    Those who insist upon a tidy desk will never know the joy of finding something thought to be irretrievably lost


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