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Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by paperpanzer, Jan 26, 2006.

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  1. paperpanzer

    paperpanzer Member

    Hello to one and all

    My name is Andy and I’ve been a paper modeller for about two years since discovering Satoshi Yoshioka fantastic website, better known as:


    I have been making models of one type or another for most of my life but my main interest has always been tanks. I always had a problem with the strong glue needed for plastic or white metal and have managed to leave a long trail of battle damage behind after sticking parts to tables, work-tops, carpet and myself! And I best not mention the trouble I caused my parents with painting… So PVA and printed pages seem a much safer solution.

    I also have an interest in computers so I thought I would try my hand at designing my own models, my first attempt is available at my website :-


    I know that both are a bit basic at the moment but any comments would be very welcome.

    Andy Holmes


    Sorry to ask for something so quickly but does anyone know where I can find scale drawings of artillery and soft skin vehicles. I have found enough tanks to keep me going till doomsday but only one or two Anti Tank guns
  2. possm_23

    possm_23 Member

    Welcome to the group....:)
  3. George

    George Member

    More links....



    The last site is amazing. A lot of material regardig armour, ships, planes...
    ...you name it!!!
    Click on the type of Vehicles you want to look at to the left (pictures)...
    The chose country and type (in russian...but with some guessing it works out)
    click on the link...you'll get a new page with a lot of russian text...but also
    pictures and drawings. On the bottom of that page there is a blue "link"-row
    right click on that to save the drawing package as a RAR-file.

    Over and out!!!
  4. charliec

    charliec Active Member

  5. paperpanzer

    paperpanzer Member

    A big Thank you

    Thank you for welcoming me into the group
  6. Jim Nunn

    Jim Nunn Member


    Welcome, we can always use another track layer.

    If you are thinking of designing your own model I would suggest that you work from a plastic model and scale it up assuming that you are going to work in 1/25 scale. If you inspect the typical paper model from Halinski or GPM you will find that in a lot of cases they are copies of plastic models, you can tell because the same errors appear in the paper model that were in the plastic kit.

    I have a 7.5 Cm Pak 40 that I have started (That may even get finished in the next decade) and I am working from a Dragon model.

    Jim Nunn
  7. paperpanzer

    paperpanzer Member

    Hi Jim

    Thanks for the tip I’ll certainly look into that one. At the moment I’m just working in 1/72 scale due to time and space constraints. I’m trying to design models to be used in wargaming so its tanks, trucks and guns etc… mostly for me so it will be obscure items from WWI & WWII. Its only taken 18 months and two failed attempts to get a one page model!!!

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