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    I was just wondering if anyone out there had seen any good kits of the USN destroyer escorts of WW II. For that matter, do any kits exist of USN destroyer classes used in WWII besides the "Big 3"(Fletcher, Gearing, A.M.S.). The bantam DE's did so many jobs and deserve a model or two. So do the auxiliaries but I haven't really seen them either. Just thought I would ask someone whose been around a lot longer than I have. Thanks for any help
  2. cmdrted

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    There is a buckley class by answer Uss Beaudreau I think 1/200 scale.
  3. stagecoach

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    fleet ships

    well lets see This site got a ship called the HMS Dreadnought Its a British destroyer escort and a mine sweeper.
    also a large torpedo boat they are also selling more ships here
    like the Arizona Heavy Cruiser http://www.digitalnavy.com/html/ships.html
    this is a link to Uruguay's frigate http://www.geocities.com/cutelo02/fragata.htm
    this is link to a small Japanese destroyer sub chaser.
    and this site has a variety of American, Russian, and Japanese Destoyers,
    guided missile destroyers and Aircraft carriers.
    Go get them make a navy. Most of these links are free models to download.
  4. Rick Thomson

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    Not being one to let a nit go by unpicked... ;-) , HMS Dreadnought was a battleship, and in fact the first modern battleship ever built.

    And now for a pet peeve of mine, HM ships are never referred to as the HM (C, A, NZ)S Whatever, but either as HM(C, A, NZ)S Whatever, or the Whatever.
  5. DeWayne

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    Okay, so maybe I missed something. When and who (where?) is a representative of a Gearing Class Destroyer in paper? I've been trying to contract one of these for sometime and as yet no luck. Specifically the DD 806 Higbee. Looking for one in the Korean War configuration. Anything??

  6. rjm

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    I think you are referring to Answer's "USS Gendreau".
    It's a Buckley class and is not the typical 1/200th
    full hull but waterline to 1/250th scale.
  7. cmdrted

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    That's the one! Thanks, Got it close enough!
  8. stagecoach

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    H.M.S. dos'nt that mean Her Majesty's Ship or something like that?
    similarly named as in H.M.S Victory. Now which is she a battleship, destroyer, man 'o ' war, or ship of the line?, you tell me.
    Some british thing I think.
    You're pretty good at nick picking but, do you have any links that you can give the person to visit for ship models?
  9. barry

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    HMS Victory is a ship of the line equivalent to battleship in modern parlance.



    Puchase from Gremir or DN both are on this site and they make excellent models.

  10. stagecoach

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    ships I know about

    Hi Barry,
    visit this site http://johns-shipyard.tripod.com/index2.html
    It's mine I think I know about some of the ships.
    Disregard the advertisments I'm not responsible for them.
    pretty soon the web page will be moved to my Verizon site.
    I just got to hurry and change my webpage information before I
    upload all the info.

    This is for Shipbuilder,
    I come from New Hampshire USA
    And in Portsmouth they are building a replica of John Paul Jones's Ship as we play here.
    His ship is on our state seal. The Ranger link here http://seacoastnh.com/jpj/stampvideo.html
  11. Lou Coatney has plans for a WWII era USN Butler class DDE, a Royal Navy Hunt class DDE and a German torpedoboat at:


    Note that these were intended for miniature naval wargaming and lack color and major details. But the fit and proportions are right, so you can use this as the basis of an attractive 1:700 scale model that could rival those plastic versions. But you'll need good references to help you on installing hatches, rigging and other details.
  12. Bernhard

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    Back to the original Question about US destroyer escorts:
    Fly Model has a 1:200 scale kit of the Butler class DE355 USS Jaccard.
    As a bonus, the same kit allows you to build the Japanese destroyer escort Matsu too.

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