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    Any comments on this system?
  2. caellis

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    I have a Lenz 100. Love it. I also have both cabs, that is the 100 and 90. I actually prefer the 100 over the 90.

    To me a big selling point was the 5 amp rating of the system.

    Some people seem to think they must have a knob on their cab (like the 90) but after using the 100, which is all pushbuttons, for any lenght of time you begin to operate it with out even looking at it. Much like a typist does not have to visually look at the computer keyboard.

    I also have the USB interface and sometimes use my laptop as a cab. The main reason I got the USB interface was for DecoderOro which really simplifies setting up speed tables in the decoders as well as provides storage for the current setting of all my decoders.

    Most of my decoders are also Lenz. Can't beat they warranty...

    The quality of the Lenz in terms of construction alone is tops.

    Hope this helps.
  3. ATSF-Loco

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    Well, I have to say I've done my research, and more research....researched more. And came up with LENZ 100 as being the best for the dollar. Thanks just needed some backup...LOL


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