lehigh caboose

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by papertrain, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. papertrain

    papertrain Member

    here is a photo of fast check assembly for the caboose chassis. I did cheat and used 4 toothpicks.
  2. papertrain

    papertrain Member

    this is for last post...I will get the hang of this yet:grin:
  3. RichBohlman

    RichBohlman Railroad Card Modaler

    Nice! Good looking work!! :)
  4. silverw

    silverw Member

    Great looking stuff, Kenn

    I really like those trucks and wheel assemblies! Looks like you are "on track"!

    .... Bill
  5. papertrain

    papertrain Member

    the wheels are free rolling too:grin:

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