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  1. riverotter

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    I ended up with a few 'leftovers' after building the benchwork for the Big Layout. and rather than toss them, I decided to build a little testbed for trying new things out before "importing" them to the BL. It's also very relaxing and provides a diversion when the larger project begins to seem overwhelming or I don't have enough contiguous time to accomplish something completely on the BL. The testbed is 2' x 8' and consists of 2" foam on top of a box-style wood frame with cross-bracing. Right now it's sitting on a pair of Black & Decker portable sawhorses.


    The mainline is on the left. The angled track at the bottom center is an interchange for getting cars and motive power on & off the module
  2. bigsteel

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    looks like a good use of leftover materials to me!--josh
  3. ocalicreek

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    THAT'S the LEFTOVERS? Man! It's bigger than my whole layout! But seriously, thanks for sharing. Glad to see someone using box construction instead of L-girder.

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