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Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade' started by Trader Sam, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. Trader Sam

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    I'm trying to find some bright LED lights to use in a paper model that I'm building. But, I have no electronic experience, and I can't seem to find what I need/want. I know that some Walgreens have exactly what I'm looking for (mini Christmas lights), but only periodically. Hopefully, someone here can help me out by pointing me to a Web site. So, here are the features that I'm looking for:
    1. Small white or warm LED lights.
    2. Must be on a strand (about 20 lights).
    3. NO heavy/bulky cord. Think mini lights.
    4. Battery operated (AA preferred).
    5. Steady ON.
    6. Durable cord cord/wires. No cheapies!
    7. All pre-assembled. Remember, I have no experience with wiring and such.
    I have a strand of regular lights (too dim), but I know Walgreens started selling bright LED strands, too. I'm still looking for them at the stores, but I kinda need them ASAP. Any help would be GREAT!

    And, yes, I've tried searching the forum. Unfortunately, I can't type in 'LED' due to the 4-letter word minimum.
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    hey sam, try lsdiodes.com
    they sell really cheap diodes and i think that fast shipping.
    im fron argentina and the arrived in less than a month, wich is really fast
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  4. Trader Sam

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    I think I've used the Michaels lights before. They were with the rest of the miniature Christmas buildings & trees. I didn't like them, because the wires were not secured very well. They'd snap off at the bulb or battery box connections if you moved them around too much.

    If I had a box to one of the sets that I have, I'd look up the company name.
  5. Trader Sam

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  6. Trader Sam

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    Found the manufacturer and product names. The lights are called Tiny Lites, and they are manufactured by ProductWorks.

    I found what I'm looking for at Target. But, they're so expensive! Walgreens sells them for $6 . . . if you can find them. Tiny Lites are incandescent. The LED strands are made by Brilliant.

    Odd. The box image says there are 20 lights. The product description says there are 3 sets with 60 lights, total. If the price is for 3 sets, then I can see paying the high cost. I think I'll break down and get a set. I'm going to Target this afternoon, so I think I'll check there first (doubt I'll find them).

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