LED lights for cardmodels

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    Yes and no :)

    I've built one or two models with LEDs inside, but mine usually needed point lights, which I usually managed with LED backed optical fibers, and/or Lumibugs (which are basically wire mounted SMD LEDs).

    The closest I got to the kind of lighting I can see on your "build a planet" thread (they look lovely btw) is maybe the spine of my Legion model which is a basically an empty pipe with white LEDs on both ends, and multiple layers around the pipe itself to absorb the light where the model shouldn't light up.
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    Seeing how they are self contained, hard wiring them to a circuit with a central power supply would be difficult, not impossible, but difficult. If used as a source light at the start of a bundle of fiber optics cables, it would kind of neat to have the individual optics terminate as window lights, like in a spaceship model, or interior lights, of dashboard lights. Much less expensive are run of the mill LED's, which come in so many shapes and colors, can be wired in series parallel connections, and all be controlled by one switch. These are really neat though, they're so finished off, they could be used to compliment an assembly.

    Neat link to online LED Calculator:


    Front Page, user friendly:

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    Nice link. I like the idea of putting lights on a spaceship or space station. I've got a space station in mind next but it might be months before I get to it.

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