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Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by spitfire, Jan 13, 2003.

  1. spitfire

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    I've heard that some large companies leased switchers for their yards, and I wonder if this ever happened in Toronto? If CN (or CP - I'm not fussy since Toronto had both) leased out one of its locos on a long-term basis, would that affect the paint job? Would they paint over their logo on the tender? Would they renumber? I'm modelling the mid-50s so I could use either steam or deisel switchers (I currently have one of each: and 0-6-0 and an SW9).
    Thanks in advance!

    :D Val
  2. cpr_paul

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    Just to clarify - you're asking if any large companies (e.g. GM, etc.) leased locomotives from CN or CP to switch their tracks?

    I'm not sure...I think most companies big enough to have their own railyards probably had their own switch engines too...I know there was a quarry or two west of the city that had their own equipment (usually an S2). Not sure what GM or others did... I would expect that the loco stayed "as delivered" from the railway.

    Of course, now the reverse is happening - CP leases locos from another company to switch their intermodal facility in Vaughan.
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    Hi Val, I know CP had a short fall in power units a while back and they had loners, I chatted to an engineer at Havalock he said they (C P ) had reclaimed units that had been scraped and recommissioned them , I dont know how many were involved.

    I dont think any loners were repainted maybe a decal was added.:)
  4. spitfire

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    Thanks Chris and Paul! I'm really just looking for an excuse to do a custom paint job! Thought maybe this would provide it :D :D :D :D

    However, according to the rules governing my layout, I can do anything I want for any reason I want. For example, the Grand Trunk RR is still alive in 1954!

    :p Val
  5. rockislandmike

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    A lot of bigger industries would have their own switcher, spitfire, and it would probably not be a cn/cp paint scheme. they may leave it in the paint scheme of their old owner, or they may repaint it for their own industry.

    Most of these would be much smaller switchers than would be used on the cp/cn. i.e., plymouths, 44-tonners, etc.

    go to the fallen flags photo website, and just click on any of the "miscellaneous" letter sections. you'll see what i mean.

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