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  1. I've been inventing my own railroad's car leasing programs and this is the latest. The first is a fleet of freight reefers with air and steam lines that can be cut anywhere into a through passenger night train. The cars are leased to Atlantic Produce Express (APEX) but APEX is owned by two railroads that also own the cars! The owning roads are my Hudson Electric and my friend George's Titan Belt Lines. The reefers are double herald cars, like the PFE operation of the UP/SP. This car is a HE tank car leased to an on-line chemical company that manufactures cleaning solvents for industry. The car is a Tichy 10,000 gallon tank car kit and is almost complete. I need to get some data decals from Champ to finish it up.

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  2. interurban

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    Good idea, and a very nice tanker
  3. rcline

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    Looking good, keep up the handy work!
    rcline - Little Choo Choo
  4. ross31r

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    very nice, similar style of paint scheme to the ESE. dont think that Pullman Europe would be too happy if they saw the ESE colour scheme because it looks very similar to their brown and umber livery.

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