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    My cardmodeling experience spans about 10 years and includes the gamut of kits.

    My preference is for airplanes.

    I recently purchased a 1/50 scale Spitfire from papermodels.net. It's a fairly basic kit - the brand is unintelligible as I can't read Polish and the kit doesn't appear to be branded very well.

    Nevertheless, I suspect it's reasonably designed and will produce a nice, desert-camo Spitfire Mk.V.

    My question to you all concerns the leading edges of the compound-curve surfaces.

    The tail is constructed in halves that must be joined along the leading and trailing edges. The leading edge of the wing is also designed so a large portion of it must be butted-up against the other side to create the leading edge.

    My desire is to create an even, curved joining of the leading-edge seams, just like the real machine. If the edges were perfectly straight, this isn't much of a problem. But on compound curves, getting a nice rounded leading edge appears daunting.

    How would you recommend I proceed...?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Good question and something that has me worried as well I await the advice of the guru's!
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    Thank you.


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