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Discussion in 'Logging, Mining and Industrial Railroads' started by Ho Modeler, Apr 19, 2004.

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    As I stated in my previous post that I am modeling an HO 4 X 8, logging/mining layout.

    I encourage any and all comments about the layout.
    Red Track=Track in a tunnel
    Blue Building=Grain Warehouse and Shed
    Orange=Mining Company
    Green=Canning Company
    Purple=Coal Loader
    Brown=Roundhouse and truntable

  2. jkristia

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    >>I encourage any and all comments about the layout.

    In my opinion you have way to much track.
    Seems like you have only planned 6" for the turntable, 6" = 40', I'm not sure if you can find a 40' turntable.
    If you can work around the table, which I assume you can, then I would probably have a small yard with one industry on one side of a divider and the mining with 1 spur and a siding to the main, on the other side of the divider

    I would keep it just 1 mainline, and only one track per industry. But that's just me, I like it simple with less track and more scenery.

    What I'm thinking of is something kind of like Charlie's Poor Fork Mine, but maybe with a small yard on one side.

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  4. Will_annand

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    Well, I see 2 things.

    1. Your turntable looks way to small, usually an HO turntable is about 10" in diameter.

    2. For my taste you have way too much trackage. There is no room for scenery or other details. I see you have a coal loader and turntable, so I am assuming you will have steam locos. Where is the water tower, the sanding facility.

    Here is a shot of a steam servicing line.

    I agree with the others that a center divider would be good.
    Brian Fayle does that to great effect on small layouts. Check out his layout called "Arches"

    Just my $0.02 worth.
  5. Ho Modeler

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    The turntable is not to scale!!!
    It was simply a circle to represent it the buildings just represent the actual thing.

    In the picture the left side is up against the wall.
    The lower left of the layout is under a mountain.
    (Well it is in the beginning stages.)

    Personally I am not a fan of the RTS software but am forced to use it because of money. It does not give an accurate depiction of the layout. The is so much room I dont know what to do with it. That is the problem!

    Any advice on placement of the scenery ex. hills, houses, and such??

    Keep the comments coming!!!!

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