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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by mojorizn, Apr 9, 2005.

  1. mojorizn

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    Have L shape in mind for garage. Twice around out and back as it were with one reversing loop. 10' x 8' to work with. Borrowed this idea from I forget where. (WPG trackplan ... if ya wanna search ) Grid is 6".

    Passenger train of 5 cars on upper and freight of 6 hoppers ( 40' ) on lower for reference.

    Thinking of residential and industrial on upper. Spur tracks as yet to be decided. May include a "fun" feature such as a timesaver or similar. Perhaps an extended timesaver with wharehouses etc. Anyone have examples of this kind of thing?

    Water feature and agricultural on lower. Grain or dairy....? Might go with mining, we'll see.

    Anyway....Thanks for looking and comments.

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  2. Tileguy

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    Givens and druthers questions that you need to answer

    1-Space available
    2-Scale you are modeling in
    3-Prototype ,freelance or protolanced
    5-type equipment
    6-consuction techniques you are willing to use
    7-What do you want to do with the trains?
    8-What scenery elements do you want by priority

    And finally the biggie!!!

    If we know more,our input may better serve you :)

    I know one really big pet peeve of mine is straight track paralel to a layouts edge and I try to avoid it at all costs.I havent mastered this yet by anymeans,but every time i start to draw up a plan i get better at it.
    Its alot easier to deal with scenic elements by avoiding this scenario as much as possible :)
  3. cidchase

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    Hi mojo,
    this mod would let you continuous run 2 trains, if that is of interest.

    You have a 42" reach into the corner, unless there is access provided.

    I like the plan :thumb:

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  4. mojorizn

    mojorizn New Member


    Ok. A little more detail:

    Place: Garage

    Space: 8' x 10' "L" shape. Width of 2.5'

    Scale: N


    Modern meaning diesel. Now I may purchase a steam loco in the future for kicks. Matching prototypes and undercarrige bolt numbers don't keep me up at night. I do like some uniformity but I'm not obsessed with it.

    I had planed to use 1/8" plywwod as a shelfbase with 1/4" ply over that. Then I was thinking 2 or 3 layers of foam board over that then track. I'm using triangular shelf brackets with a support rating of 150 pounds over a 32" span. So I figure I have plenty of beef.

    Continious runing of 1 train while operating a 2nd. This will change to 2 continious trains and 1 operating for a comfortable total of 3.... eventually.
    I have modified my plan as suggested, so now I have 2 plans to simulate different running styles. Continious and out - back. We'll see. Leaning toward continious.

    Digital Command Control (DCC) including turnouts and accessories. I can wire blocks but I can also afford convience.

    Passenger operation with limited cutting in and out a car here and there.

    Freight service to and from upper and lower. Lower section will provide raw goods delivered to upper processing plants, etc.

    I plan to meander the long straights somewhat. That "parallel to the edge" bugs me as well. No plans to expand this layout in the foreseeable future.

    Prefer to keep operations simple compared to layouts containing mutiple yards and staging areas. I'm not a purist, I'm a hobbist with 2 kids. Hence the expanded time saver idea. This could present a challenging area with a different flare than standard spur tracks. Placing a million turnouts / ladders is not my idea of fun.

    I want a water feature such as a small pond or lake / stream combo. The lower area being the "open boonies". Within the upper I'd like to see a manufacturing plant or two, a small town with passenger service and a few retail / service shops and finally a rual residential area.

    I use a 2' x 4' oval with passing siding and 2 spurs as my pratice, lets try this and see what it looks like layout. I'm ready to advance.

    So, with this in mind, toss some ideas my way.
    I made this with 3RD Planit so I'll be happy to share / trade ideas.

    Thanks -
  5. Tileguy

    Tileguy Member

    I threw a few possibilities together for you to consider.
    Adding a hidden staging area with a couple accesses.added backdrops should be removable for major maintenance.
    A wharf area for scenic interest and added track and customers.
    A few tracks that are just roughed in as an idea in the upper section with customer area's and an Urban backdrop giving you a large town and a rural port village.
    Its 4 am and i'm a bit tired so if you dont like it ,its no big deal.
    It was fun to throw a few idea's your way all the same :)

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  6. mojorizn

    mojorizn New Member

    Thanks for the ideas. I can always add sub level staging at a later date. For now I'm not concerned about hand placing trains.

    The warf suggestion is a good idea as is the mining. My original thought was just a pond or lake without development.

    I'd like the town spread out a little ... downtown / retail then a couple dwellings to mark the location of a larger, you can't see it all, town.

    I haven't played with placing buildings / industries as yet so it's very helpful to see a fresh opinoin.

    THANKS FOR YOUR TIME!! feel free to post some others if you find the time.

    Thanks again -

  7. mojorizn

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    Think I have it

    Modified the plan to this.

    15 degree crossing just after passenger yard. End of passenger run around will go under curving track.

    The right side crossing will be elevated over the two tracks.

    Have been simulating with this plan and I like it. A good start perhaps?

    Rear line elevated as is lower reverse loop. Other elevations minimal.

    Question... what is a suggested clearence for crossings, if the minimum were needed, AND what grade percent would be considered too steep. I have limited grades to 2.5% most are under 2%.

    Planning retail / commercial town on upper left....Industrail / manufacturing for the middle / rual residential on the right.

    Lower willl be Ag / farming delivering to industrial. Might eventually put in a small warf where suggested to trade with middle industrial area.

    Thanks for looking -


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  8. Tileguy

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    I beieve 1 3/4" for N will handle most cars and loads.If you will be running any tri levels you may want to increase this.
    a 2.5% grade would be fine for most situations and in your case with this size layout it is not likely you will run trains longer than 15 cars in length which means most locomotives will handle this grade.Some may have a difficult time with a 12+ car train and at this point may require a helper.(this increases operational interest however and helper districts create one more job if you will have several operators)
    You will have to check each of your engines to see how they handle this 2.5% area.
    For example,Life like just released a new steamer a while back. a 2-8-4.It 's a nice looking engine and a pretty good runner but is underpowered according to reviews.A big steamer like this should haul at least the equivelant of a 2000 HP diesel but it was working hard with a 12 car train on the flat.At this it would have a hard time pulling a crummie up over any length of 2.5% grade.On the other hand I have a Bachmann Connie ( 2-8-0) that will pull 12 cars up a 3% grade.............barely,but it will do it.
    Like I said, test each locomotive you have on this grade with a load and note what each will handle.Then you can determine if a loco is worth keeping or time to ebay it and get something more powerful or, just consider it a light duty engine and relegate it to the flatwork or yard switching duty :)

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