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Discussion in 'Model Rail Operations' started by toolman, Mar 25, 2005.

  1. toolman

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    :wave: HI everyone. I am new to the gauge. My layout I run operations using a simple card system. The card is a 3 x 5 index card. I use postits for the routing, interchange to yard to what industry, remarks, where the car came from and to what industry and contents of the car. Spotting I use paper clips to inform what spot to use. I use these cards for the engine work orders. These cards are hand written.... some day I'll have a stamper made up. I also use the postits for bad order if any car or engine has a operating problem.
    time to I will update my progress of what went right and what went wrong and how I corrected it..... Toolman
  2. brakie

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    Hi toolman.. :wave: Welcome to the gauge! :D
    Like you I also use hand written index cars for waybills.However,I cut the index card in half..This half shows routing,name of industry,type of load and town where the industry is located..I color code these index cars by town where the industries is located..I attach these to my car cards using paper clips. Works for me! :D
  3. toolman

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    Index cards

    Brakie, good to hear you. I like to experiment and give try with your system. I have an industry called the Steel Drum co, the in and out bounds come from various places and go to other various places.
  4. Ralph

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    Thanks for posting in the operations forum toolman! Its good to hear more about how people are running their layouts. Do keep us up to date!
  5. Tileguy

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    The car card and waybill system i find to be great. Making up the car cards with pockets doesnt take very long(or they can be purchased)
    Alot of information is available on this system and it is the one used by most serious operators out there (not all but most).Becoming familiar with the system at home may be beneficial one day when you are invited to see a model railroad and get handed a DT400 throttle and told youve got the Local and clearance to leave the yard :D
    On some layouts you may think youve died and gone to Model RR heaven.Oh and remember, it is considered bad form to derail the local your first time out ,and watch out for Hot Freights ;)
  6. brakie

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    TG,I am using the carcard/waybill system that Doug Smith introduce back in 62 or 63..Its a 2 step waybill..Either a load or empty in and a empty or load out.No waybill means a empty and it can be returned to the yard or the nearest interchange as per the instructions on the carcard.Like this:

    ATSF 29102
    When empty
    Return to Agent ATSF
    Via reverse route.

    That tells my crew the empty will go to the yard.

    Now if it says this:
    CR 220778
    When empty
    Return to CR
    Via nearest interchange.

    That tells my crew to leave it on the CR interchange.

    I like this system since there is less writing to do..LOL!
  7. Tileguy

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    I read the article on that system awhile back Larry.Its simple and still it is very similar to the newer methods,simple enough that you wouldnt really miss a beat if confronted with the new 4 step waybill method(the one i have been preparing) I know what you mean by writing,ive been filling out waybills a few at a time leaving out some information to be filled in later. I have at present a couple hundred cars and need another 125 minimum to my best estimation to feel as though i have a good representation.
    Man thats alot of New trucks to install.Ive got about 1/2 of my 46 ore cars set up with MT trucks and couplers (pre quad days)
    Much of my rolling stock is MT and Atlas but about 1/3 needs to be retrucked and couplers added(they arent giving away those 10 packs let me tell ya,at 40 bucks a pop thats 4.00 per car and i have to really like the car to make the change ;) )
    Of course if you run into some good cars in good shape for under 3 bucks and add couplers and trucks,your still money ahead in the end and have a much better runner for the changeover.
    Some day perhaps i'll get them all done.I just keep plodding along LOL

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