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  1. Bob_in_MA

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    Hi all,

    Here is a plan for the top of a shelf (and then some) that wraps around a stairwelll.

    I need to keep the main area as narrow as possible, so if I use 11.5" radius turns, it will fit in 27".

    The grids are 6" across, and there will be a mountain side in the upper left, the track will pass into a tunnel right after the turnout in the center, emerging from the tunnel and then climbing a trestle and passing over itself.

    I am going to be running steam from the 1920's-40's. I have read the NMRA guidance on track radii, etc., and it seems to advise wider radius curves, but I've tested a LifeLike 2-8-4 11.5" radius Bachmann EZ-track, and it works fine. I've also noticed some people using much tighter turns on their layouts here. So do you think 11.5" radius is OK for me?

    The wyes and turnouts on the lower right are for a possible future expansion. ;-)

    Thanks for any comments!


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  2. seanm

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    Looks good... With any sort of yard, a run around track is helpful. Also, I would add at least 1 and maybe 2 passing sidings on the main figure 8. This would allow passing and meets of trains, but add some lay over storage for rollingstock.
  3. seanm

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    P.S. Becareful of the up and over loop. It is at a 2% grade even if you make the rise only 1.5".
  4. baldwinjl

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    Do I see that once you leave the terminal you have to back in to return? That's not impossible, but you might want to think. Part of the reason for the recommendation for wider curves is for appearance. Your equipment may operate, but what will it look like? Do you plan on a passing track on the mainline? Then you could at least run a couple trains, and add a little interest.

    Just thoughts from a non-expert.

  5. Bob_in_MA

    Bob_in_MA New Member


    I hate to expose my ignorance, but what is a run around track?

    With a height of 1.8" for the passover it is ja little more than 2%. Would that disqualify some engines?

    I made the one siding on the main track into a passing siding by reconnecting it.

    Jeff, yes that is a little tortured. I'm not sure how do deal with that in this space. The way I envision it ultimately, this section will be a "country" branchline, then there will be a bigger, 3'x6' area that will be the urban main line, money and time. The yard would mainly be to service that.

  6. baldwinjl

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    1.8" is going to be tight. You've got to allow for the thickness of the bridge and track under that, since the 1.8 is from top of track to to of track. My guess is you are going to need a little more. Since you probably won't be running long trains you might get away with it, too. Or make the leftmost loop oblong, and add a bit of distance to the climb.

    The standard NMRA clearance from rail to bottom of structure is 22 feet, which is 1.65 inches, then you need to allow for the depth from there to the top of the next rail. At 1.8" that's just 2 scale feet. I think it is going to be real snug. I think all engines will clear this, you might run into trouble with doublestacks and such, if you wanted to run them.

  7. Triplex

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    Above 2% might need helpers - on a big layout. Considering the car capacity of that yard, you won't be running trains long enough for such grades to be an issue. Or, if your engines are feeble (Life-Like steam isn't known for its pulling power) you could move the bridge to the center of the main table. The grades would then be easier, but one of those spurs would be a little shorter.

    A runaround track is a siding with turnouts at both ends. A passing track is a longer (sometimes) runaround on the mainline. All passing tracks are runarounds; not all runarounds are passing tracks.

    Don't use EZ-Track. I've never used it, but I've heard enough about it to know it's unreliable (and I don't usually place much stock in the reviews something gets.)

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