Layout in a Shipping Container?

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Steam Donkey, Jan 23, 2003.

  1. Steam Donkey

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    Many Thanks!!!

    Thanks, everybody, for your input, you've certainly given me a lot to chew on. We're working on putting an addition onto our house, and I may be able to find a place to stick on railroad room! :D Failing that, the container is an option, or better yet, travel trailer or mobile home (thanks for the idea guys!).

    Mike R., great idea! We could call it the Larry Walker Model Railroad and Batting Cage!:D :D Sweet!!!

  2. TinGoat

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    God disapproves of trailer parks....

    A big steel box is an invitation to lightning strikes. Not to mention tornados.. :D

    I did a google search for used railroad equipment for sale.

    Google search "used rail equipment"

    Railroad Equipment Trader

    You can actually get second hand equipment pretty cheap. One example is flat cars without trucks for use as private use bridges.

    You are right about transport costs... They are pricey... Not so much for actually moving the items, but for the cranes and equipment to load and unload the stuff from the delivery truck.

    Another transportation headache is having the local utilities move overhead wires that may be too low for the caboose on flatbed truck to pass under.

    You'll just have to move closer to the railroad tracks and have the railroad deliver to your door... :p

    A piece of property that is right beside the tracks is best... Then you can have your own private siding. A few second hand heavy weights would make an ideal mobile home.... :D

    It's good to have a dream....
  3. Mike R

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    Ontario folks :....You can get a good 'feel' for how it would be to have RR cars, up at Weber's on Highway 11...and great burgers too.:D :D :D
    regards / Mike
  4. TinGoat

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    Haven't been there in years...

    We used to stay at Stanton House on Sparrow Lake. Every summer the pilgramage to cottage country wouldn't be complete without a stop at Weber's.

    Good burgers, but a little pricey. The railcars are a big draw. I could spend hours inspecting every inch of them...

    When the province divided Hwy #11, Weber's bought the land on the other side of the hwy to add a second parking lot. They then put in a pedestrian bridge so people could get across the hwy to the restaurant. That way they could get both north and southbound traffic into the restaurant.

    They're very enterprising...

    It's the only privately owned, public pedestrian bridge. At least it used to be. I don't know anymore.

    Stanton House in Port Stanton on Sparrow Lake is a great railfanning spot to vacation. The CN mainline comes through there.

    Way back, the Stanton Family settled on the south shore of Sparrow Lake to homestead and farm. The soil wasn't very good (Next to non-existant) but logging was good. So was the fishing.

    They got the railroad (Grand Trunk) to build it's mainline closer to the lake instead of way back in the bush. The bush route would have been the more direct line for the railroad. They also had a passenger station built for tourists. They ran a resort and steam boat service to access the rest of the lake and the Trent Severn Canal System. Folks still come up to Sparrow Lake from as far away as Pittsburg PA.. But now they drive. :(
    It seems that these days people don't like the sound of heavy freight blasting past their bedrooms late at night...

    I know I like it! :D

    The Stantons now wish that the tracks were relocated, but that's not likely to happen.

    A patch of land just off the mainline and a private siding near the lake would be a great spot to retire and live in some old railcars...

    Still Dreaming... :D
  5. Pitchwife

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    One thing about using a trailer or old mobile home for your train room. I am using one for mine and you want to make sure that it is solidly supported (unless you are modeling San Francisco circa 1908!) :D

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