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    Ok Guys I am getting ready to move into a new house. with big rooms. i need some good ideas for a new layout. 12 by 12 is what i am working with. so anyone have any ideas?

    The Train Trader
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    Well how about a couple of Questions first.
    What scale will you be modeling in?
    What Era and basic Theme are you leaning towards?
    Do you like operating a railroad like a real prototype or are you more into having a place to show off your models?

    Right off the bat i can advise a couple things.
    #1- avoid duckunders.......Just say no!!!
    #2-Shelf style where you can reach everything easily for maintenance,cleaning,repairs etc will give you far more enjoyment and less strains and pains.
    #3- make your aisles comfortable and make use of backdrops as scene dividers.
    #4-just because you have a 12' x 12' area to use, doesnt mean you need to fill it with benchwork. Depending on your scale , a very nice railroad can be modeled in a lot less square footage.
    #5- consider building this in modules.You gain alot of experiance as you build each one and the layout becomes portable enough that it can move with you should the need arise.(divorces and job changes have killed many a model railroad that was not portable)

    Thats a start, i'm sure i'll come up with lots more. :)
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    Boy, I'm glad you posted that again. Well, I believe it was you.

    What a pretty layout. It sure is deceiving how big (or small) it really is by looking at the pics. He did an excellent job in scene division. If you didn't see the plan first, you'd swear it was a monster of a layout.

    Great model work.

    Thanks again MasonJar
  5. JBBVry

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    ok I guess i sould have said that it will be HOn3 with a little bit of HO. all steam I think i will use 24 inch curvesas i have the sumpter valley 2-6-6-2 so i need somthing with a nice bit of running room. i like to play and also just let them run.

  6. Tileguy

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    Heres a Quick Idea I threw together for Benchwork for a walkaround layout in a 12 x 12 room.
    It can be built in modules, makes access easy.It is for an out and back design with the ability to provide for continuous running on the 4' wide penninsula.The penninsula has provision to use a wide radius curve yet It gives 36-42" wide aisles and the feel of a long run with the divided 4' penninsula.The door could be anywhere along that 12' wall and considering its a 12 x 12 room,the only problem would be windows, closet doors etc.. The benchwork plan also provides space for a workbench.If a benchwork layout like this appeals to you, this gives several guys the opportunity to work on track plan idea's for you.
    Copy the photo to your desktop and open it with a viewer that will allow enlargement.Modules can be made to whatever size works best for your situation.
    18 x 60 maximum is easily transportable as is a 24 x 36 or 24 x 48. :)
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    Oops, forgot the attachment LOL

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    Did we lose you Paul??
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    The only advice I can give is be very careful not to start something that's going to take years to get to where it's usable. I've seen way too many folks go down this road. You know how much time you have for the hobby (it always seems to be less than we think), and how much progress you can make in benchwork, track, wiring, etc., in any given "play" session. And don't forget a significant part of your (in my case at least) hobby time goes to thinkin' and plannin' and engineerin' and just plain dreamin'.

    Model Railroader's track planning contest for an 8ft x 9ft room (many plans re-published in "48 Top-Notch Track Plans") had several good ideas that would fit much better in your 12ft x 12ft - aisles would become much more reasonable in particular. Ian Rice's book on small track plans (having a senior moment with the title) has some other ideas.

    To run your Sumpter Valley 2-6-6-2 on any kind of continuous path requires 1 of 3 options:
    1) an around-the-walls plan: Drawbacks are crossing windows, closet doors, and a duck-under, removable section, or swing away section at the entrance door. Ian Rice's "Linked Logger" is one way to minimize the problems crossing windows and doors by using removable cassettes on section of walls where you don't want to block access to the wall.
    2) a peninusla plan 4.5 - 5 ft wide (maximum for good access) and 9 ft long, could have wings along some walls. Drawback is much shorter running room for your favorite loco. With careful placement and limiting the wall wings, you can eliminate the drawbacks of the around-the-walls.
    3) if you combine around-the-walls with the peninsula, the peninusla length becomes very limited (8ft or less) due to required aisle space at the end of the peninsula. You still have all the drawbacks of the around-the-walls, but gain the most layout for the room size.
  10. pgandw

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    After more thinking, what is really needed to help is the rules of engagement. Where are the entrance door, closet door, and window(s)? Can these be crossed permanently or temporarily? Are you willing to do a multi-level? Could part of the layout hinge up?

    Assuming you didn't get a corner room for the trains - usually has windows on 2 or more sides so is less desirable for a train room - it is likely the entrance door is on the opposite side to the window. This makes your window access rules critical to the room utilization. Ideal location for the entrance door is as close to the corner as possible, but you have to live with what you get unless you are willing to remodel. Ideal for the closet door is adjacent (on the next wall) to the entrance door or at the opposite corner. Or, if you have a wide closet with sliding or bi-fold doors, can the closet be eliminated and used for aisle/train space/workshop?

    Inquiring minds want to know...[​IMG]

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