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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by JBT, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. JBT

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    Hi all.[​IMG] I've been out of the hobby for about 10 years. My interest is N scale, USA prototype but freelance. I have passenger and freight rolling stock and model the post steam era........all diesel at the moment. Although I have my rolling stock and some turnouts, my layout went to another home many years ago.

    I'm agonizing over a few plans but now look like settling on this or something similar. I'm pretty much restricted to 8'x4' but will have access from all sides. I'd greatly appreciate any comments and/or suggestions to help me fine tune the plan. It is actually a modified version of plan 77 from 101 Track Plans For Model Railroaders. I need the yard area to store my trains, I do like watching them run and doing some switching. The idea was to, say, run a train out east bound and then after a few circuits/stops/car exchanges terminate in the west bound yard. Keep doing this until all trains have been run int the oposite yard and then (until I put the turntable in) reverse them with the 0-5-0 ready for next time.

    Look forward to your wise words.

  2. MasonJar

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    Welcome to The Gauge!

    Your plan looks good, and I like the east/west staging idea. Being in HO scale, I am not entirely sure if there are curves that are too tight and so on. I do have a few comments:

    - Make an "escape track" at the end of you staging. Your engines will head in once their turn is done, with no way to get out, except to back the entire train out.

    - The turntable is really only accessible by engines in east staging. I don't know if there is a more "central" location for this feature.

    - By adding another crossover between the east and west staging, you make a runaround which could prove very useful.

    Hope that helps.

  3. Zman

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    That's a lot of track to lay in an 8' by 4' space, but hey, more power to you. It'll look very busy and interesting. I calculate the smallest radius turns on the layout to be approximately 12". Is that right? If so, you're well above the minimum radius for N scale. (To answer MasonJar's question).
  4. JBT

    JBT New Member

    Thanks MasonJar and Zman. Yep, smallest radius is 12" but it does lead to track crowding. The turntable/engine service area is only "roughed in" at this stage and will need some fine tuning. Good points about the engine escape. I'll incorporate that. I've re-designed the yard throats now which smoothes things out a bit. Still a lot of track.

    I'm looking forward to getting started on this (next week?) and will post progress.

  5. emt49

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    I like the way you have it set up to extend the main line run befor you get to the west yard :thumb:
  6. JBT

    JBT New Member

    Well I've drawn up the final version but have not shown any of the hidden track - see below. Plywood arrived today and I've started marking out prior to first cuts. Hopefully this will be long and satisfying project. I'll stay in touch and post progress from time to time if that's OK.


  7. Zman

    Zman Member

    Looks good. I like that you thinned it out a bit - it'll give you more breathing space for the ballast and scenery.

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