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  1. hello we have decided to spend some of our rebate on ho scale layout but nither one of us can design a layout for the NYO&W:confused: any way any one know of some one that designs them or a soft ware that is not a pocket driller???? thanks.
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    Hi RR:wave:
    I use Xtrkcad XtrkCad Model RR Track Planning Software
    There is also one you can download from Atlas. Both are freeware. I think Xtrk is the best of the two, but it has a fairly steep learning curve. Make sure you do the tutorial, that helps a lot. Also, download the registration # to unlock Xtrk.
    The one from Atlas, can,t remember the name right now, seems to be limited in what you can do, as far as laying track.

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    RTS 8.0
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    You could try Google images for NYO&W, it might come up with some ideas.

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