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    Track Plan from Ocalicreek

    Hello again all:

    Ocalicreek was kind enough to submit another design for this room; the only problem with it is that to make it uploadable to this site, it would lose some detail. I have not studied it too hard yet, but my first blush is that I like it. I would like to hear what ya'll think (yeah that Southern :D ). Hopefully, I am not breaking any rules by posting the link to the file here.

    You can view the full image at

    Thanks a bunch all! Time to go and glue a few more pieces on the mine. . . .


    Edit ------------------

    I guess I should give you the comments on this plan that came from ocalicreek; they will probably help some.

    From Ocalicreek -

    The upper loop has 24" radius curves on the main and 22" on the siding. The branch line provides the operational interest while another train (or two) can circle the upper main. The bridge across the aisle could look really cool. Scenically you'd be surrounded by the railroad and all that great mountain scenery.

    On the plan itself: The grade down hill from A to B should be 2 or three percent, and from C to D likewise. From E to the bridge and F to the bridge a slight grade of maybe 1% could help increase the height of bridge above the lower level. The station at the end of the branch line, along with the mine and mystery industry don't have to be the only structures there, but could be, depending on how backwoods you want this operation to be. Let's say its the difference between a mine run and a branch line. As for the bridge itself, if you hinge it so that it raises and the power is interlocked a foot or so from each end then you could raise it for times you want to come in and out of the aisle without ducking, say when planting the acres of trees you'll need.

    Sometimes I don't know where my head is . . . . .

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    I like the idea submitted by Ocalicreek (Thanks!!!)


    1) Lends more to scenery than actual track length
    2) Works for just what I asked for
    3) I love the idea of the bridge being used as either a duck under or removable section; form and function.


    1) Size of actual layout. It seems to take up more of the room than I was hoping to. If you could put this one into a basement and have access to all sides, then it would be killer. I guess I am leaning to a 2' shelf around the room.

    2) Single point-to-point branchline. If I am a passenger train going from the station at the top of the layout to the one at the bottom by way of points A, B, C, and D, then how do I turn the engine and consist around? Just a question.

    Just my thought on this layout; nothing more nothing less.

    Ocalicreek, I REALLY do appreciate all the work you did. Thanks.

    Oh yeah, here is a scaled down version of the plan. The full size can still be seen at the url above.

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    back-up moves

    There were a couple branch lines or mine runs on the N&W with several back-up moves, where the train either just backed up the branch, or the engine ran around the train and backed it down to the junction.

    In William Warden's excellent book, "Norfolk & Western Passenger Service, 1946-1971", he lists the timetable for the Bluestone branch. There were technically 8 different numbered trains, all the same consist & crew actually, but that much action. From his description:

    "For the Bluestone Branch trains simply went back and forth all day and their passengers were largely miners commuting to work. Power for the trains was normally an E2 or E2a 4-6-2; sometimes an M-class 4-8-0. A lone coach and combine made up the consist...[timetable listed]...As you might suspect the train spent half the day running in reverse."

    So don't shy away from that option, unless you just don't like the idea. After all, it is your railroad.

    Glad you like the plan. I'm going to sketch out another late tonight, probably. It's great fun for me. A 2' shelf around the room...could lend itself to the other plan I had in mind. We'll see.

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    Wow, I guess I have some reading to do. I wouldn't shy away from anything at this point; it is all food for thought. Much of what I have been going through on this exercise is to look outside of the box. I never would have thought to see/hear a M class pushing from the rear; you learn something each and every day.

    I look forward to seeing your 2' shelf plan; and by the way, each plan I have come up with has a bridge in front of the door.

    Thanks a mil


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