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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by CAS, May 21, 2005.

  1. CAS

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    When laying track for my yard, should i lay cork roadbed first? Or do not lay cork roadbed in the yards? I seen some pics where people didn't use roadbed under the track. And if no roadbed, at hat point would i stop with the roadbed?(right after the mainline, or further into the yard.) Would i just use shims undr the track until i get to my baseboard. What are some suggestions.
    Thanks, Cliff
  2. Zman

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    CAS, I'm assuming that you're using cork roadbed for the mainline. If so, why not continue it into the yard? A number of companies offer wide pieces of cork so that you don't have to lay bed seperately for each spur.

    Also, what's the nature of your yard? Are there industrial or passenger sidings involved?
  3. 60103

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    I suggest you continue the roadbed all the way, but use the wide cork. You can sometimes get a large sheet from a hardware or lumber store. The yard needs some drainage, but not as much as the mainline, so the slopes at the edge aren't critical. Keepiong things the same height reduces operationg problems.
    For appearances sake, an industrial siding or a non-mainline track could be lower. Here, keep the roadbed up until you're past any S curves, then drop it. You could drop it all the way or just halfway and use N-scale roadbed. Keep the grade gentle.
  4. tillsbury

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    To avoid confusion, I think that was a mystery HO-scaler there... (they go to N-scale roadbed to get half the height). With N-scale roadbed, just gently slope it down to nothing with shims, or don't bother and do the whole yard with the cork...
  5. CAS

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    i am modeling in n scale. i am useing cork for my mainline, so i will use cork in m yads also.

    Thanks for the replys.

  6. cpNscale

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    For my yard tracks i layed a sheet of cork the entire length of the tracks and joined up with the mainline roadbed.
  7. Zman

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    Hey CAS, I'm glad to hear that you're an n-scaler and not HO. We don't need their kind 'round these parts. :D
  8. MasonJar

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    Now, now, play nice... :)


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