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    In 0n30 scale what distance mush I keep for going around corners running three tracks along side each other? New to this and am not near any shops so will do most of my buying off the internet.:confused:
    Harry T.
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    Hi Harry,

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    At HOTrak (modular HO layout) we use 2" spacing in straights and 2 1/4" in curves. The NMRA has this page on standards for separation of parallel tracks.

    On On30, the recommended minimum spacing is 3" for straights, and 3 5/16" for curves.

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    Hi Harry,

    Here's the long answer:

    On30 is a funny animal. Some people use it to pretend that they are running 3-foot gauge and some use it to imitate 2-foot gauge.

    And some actually use it as 30 inch gauge...

    So depending on what type of equipment you operate, will effect the clearances you need.

    Most of the RTR stuff from Bachmann is based on 3-foot prototypes. So your best (Safest) option is to use the NMRA On3 clearance gauge.

    So, on straight track, you should space the track centers 3" apart. That means that you need 1 1/2" from the track center to anything beside a track, like loading docks, buildings, trees or anything else...
    On30 clearance gauge (based on NMRA On3) [Make sure that you turn off "Print to Fit" before printing.]

    The second gauge is based on a Bachmann passenger coach and shows the extra clearance needed for 18" and 22" radius curves...
    On30 clearance gauge for curves (based on NMRA On3) [Make sure that you turn off "Print to Fit" before printing.]

    If you use a tighter curve than 18" radius, then you will need a little more clearance. (Maybe 4" between track centers....)

    The easiest way to measure track centers if from outside rail to outside rail...

    I hope these gauges and diagram help...

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    Hi Harry,

    Welcome aboard!!!

    I just noticed that you are a new member of The Gauge, and this is your first post.

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    Thanks for the link. I am starting a HOn3 layout I have been concerned about clearances in the yard. My min self imposed radius is 16" (Less in the Quarry), Min turnout on the main are #6, In the yard a #4, at the port I will use re-gauged Orr traction switches, and at the Quarry re-gauged 30" 150mm radius switches . Maximum car length is 40'. Also I have tried to limit my motive power to a K28 or smaller. But I do have a SV 2-6-6-2 Mallet that I will try to justify using.

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