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Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by Stev0, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. blaze99

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    Here a update to were I got on the Mesh and texture for the Stryker.
    As you can see the texture for this version of the mesh is done. I still have to fix the command hatch area, trouble is I will have littel time for the next two weeks plus to much on the new mesh and texure. Items fix from the mesh I got was to add a bottom to the vehicle and wheels, adjust the parts that when inside of the mesh now they only just go inside, and fix the rear top.

    Hopefully will redo the M151 remote gun station.
    I do have this one as a pdf the hight to the top of the gun is 8.2cm and about 19cm long. did not do the scale its in.
    Claude B

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  2. Padre

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    A friend of mines daughter was in Iraq and the vehicle commander of a stryker. She sure would like a model of one. Can't find any in plastic, paper, or anything else.
  3. blaze99

    blaze99 New Member

    Here a update on the mesh I been working on its about 1/31-1/32 scale
    9.4cm high 8.1cm wide and 21.5cm long, trying another test build to see
    what I need to change.
    One thing I may change is to use a lighter green. I will post some picture of the build soon.

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  4. jaffro

    jaffro Long term member

    That looks to be coming along nicely... keep up the good work :thumb:
  5. SgtSki in MI

    SgtSki in MI New Member

    Looks pretty cool so far. I get stuck behind them all of the time over here :)

    I look forward to seeing it when it's finished.

  6. blaze99

    blaze99 New Member

    Time to try and upload a ZIP of the PDF there are 3 files two from Pepakura and one that I used Inscape to redo it, but found that I could not print the PDF so I output the two pages as PNG and put it in word to print it. Here are a few picture from Pepakura what it looks like. The basic vehicle is ok just the weapon station is still not right. The trouble with Inscape was I had the size at 19+ by 25+ inchs.

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  7. blaze99

    blaze99 New Member

    The size of the Stryker is about 1/48scale.

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