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Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by Stev0, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. Stev0

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    Hopefully I can port this to card model with no issues. Will be creating a beta and then release as 1/72 because a buddy of mine is drooling for it and doesnt know it. w00t!

    Gonna say thanks to the DC team, great game. :)
  2. rwguess

    rwguess Member

    i didnt knowi needed this as well i have been looking for a striker card model as well and have been unable to find one free or paid :(

    if you will need any beta testers for this model plz give me a jingle i would be more than happy to assist with this model


  3. Fishcarver

    Fishcarver Active Member

    1:35 Release?

    Any plans to release this in 1:35 scale?
  4. doc_harvey

    doc_harvey Member

    love the mesh....these guys really saved our bacon one day when we drove past Fallujah...they're awesome machines!
  5. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    If I can get my head around making the 3d model work to paper I usually work in vector information which means this can go at any scale... especially since I hate pixelated textures. Also as it stands the mesh is suited to 1/72 scale until I can get very reliable details in place.

    So don't count the current texture as final.
  6. Fishcarver

    Fishcarver Active Member

    Beta Build Volunteer

    Steve: I'll do a beta build in 1:35 if you'd like!
  7. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    Slowly but surely I am setting up a vanilla model of the stryker.

    My only complaint so far is... making my own digital model would have been faster (game models are not geared for the real world).

    Translating this digital medium to a proper paper format (wheels should be round where digital models have stepping).

    I'm hoping to have a prototype ready a week from now.
  8. NOBI

    NOBI Active Member

    Hi Stev0,

    Until now i still can not export model from bf1949 into any 3dprogram :( can u send me a mesh with texture in .3ds or .obj format? i really want to see a possible to change that mesh into cardmodel. thank you very much in advance
  9. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    ok ... i'm taking a small break in building to get back to this model.

    right now I have converted everything and I am currently putting it together in a more logical paper model. As for scale ... right now there isnt a scale as I am just trying to get the model to work as a whole.

    Nobi ... I can send you a .3ds model of the stryker now.

    edit: Here is a sample of the Hull I have worked out... so far no scale still.

  10. rmks2000

    rmks2000 Member


    Very cool! Wheeled AFV's is a subject that is not exploited much in the card modeling world, which is weird because it makes an excellent intro into armor (Not having to deal with tracks). I look forward to this model.
  11. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    ok ... since I want to clear up all unfinish projects I went back through my list and found this. I realized I did'nt create the parts properly and each sheet is in fact out of scale with each other. =(

    Now that I know better. I will look at finishing this model without a vanila prototype and squirt out a 1/72 scaled model without an interior and drop drop rear hatch for now.

    So large scales at this time are not possible until I rework the model.

    Sorry if I kept a few interested people hanging.
  12. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Oh, we'll wait, to be sure.

    By the way, I missed the first posts and just saw this, but you are quite talented in your 3D graphics, my friend! I really hope you find the time to see this one to completion!

    God, how I wish I could design a model so brilliantly!

    Hopefully by posting I won't miss any updates and will continue to enjoy your work on this project.

  13. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    My friend I did not design the model. It was taken the the Desert Combat mod for Battlefield 1942. I DID have to modify the mesh for it to work as a card model and at the time I was not worrying about personal modeling at the time.

    I was more concerned in learning about translating 3D digital models to a paper medium. Many digital models are created without the worries of interferences so... This excercise is proof that I have learned much from the forum on how to work around this. So many of my future projects will transfer to personal work rather than working from the models of others... but I have to be frank...

    Some of these game models are quite good and a few of them are ripe for paper translation. The Scorpion Mech I am working on is not my design but it is my model created from a 2D reference.

    I hope my other works will live up to expectations. :D
  14. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Well, as I see it, although based on a 3D mesh, it is YOU who is unfolding, transforming, interpreting and texturizing (is that a word?) the model to paper, and that's a very difficult process, to the extent I understand any of this.:grin:
    Looking forward to more when you can,
  15. Bad_Scorpion

    Bad_Scorpion Member

    How do you export the files from BF42. of BF2 or any of the BF series? I know where they are at. But not sure what to use to open them. Or if there is anything to convert to a file format I can use.
  16. blaze99

    blaze99 New Member

    found a mesh of the M1126 Stryker at Civilization Fanatics' Center: Fanatical Coverage of the Civilization Series
    and a way to change to 3d max/obj file been working to fix the texure. Here are a few picure of my first build, found that I did the PDF print too small 2.4cm high and about 10cm long hope to get the texure done soon only been at it a month so far as I get maybe an hour or two at a time to work on it. As you can see its not too bad a mesh/texure but will try and get it complete to upload here in a few weeks and larger size.

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  17. doc_harvey

    doc_harvey Member

    Hey's the development of this model going? I haven't seen any news about it in awhile...
  18. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    Heya. Since it was one of my first attempts at 'porting to a physical model I had problems with parts, scale and work flow. So I think the project somewhat died when things didn't go together right. My inexperience with flattening and output to scale bit me on the butt.

    Perhaps a little later down the road after my current 2d work is wrapping up on a VERY similar project, I will take another look and fix where I went wrong. I can't say that this project is or has been a waste of time or has disappointed the hopes of others. Every project I have worked on has been a GREAT learning step towards bettering how I do things. Without them I would not have been able to finish the projects I HAVE finished.

    I will pickup the vehicle again but I can say I won't be content with the level of detail you see in my renders from the beginning.

    You will all be the first to know. :wave:
  19. blaze99

    blaze99 New Member

    for Stevo or any others that would like a 5 view of the M1126 Stryker the only thing wrong is that the rear part of the top view is not there. I do have a top view of both the AFV Club and Trumpeter kits. The PDF was done from a 300dpi scan from the instructions of the AFV Club kit, which was a friends kit.
    Claude B

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  20. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    Hey thanks. Looks interesting too.

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