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Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by rmks2000, Jun 30, 2006.

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    I'm looking to detail Nobi's LAV-25 as it is fairly simple, though a good model for me to get started in armor (no tracks to deal with). I have not found much on the net for reference. I'm particularly interested in the front lights and brackets, and the grenade launchers on the turret. I also think the muffler could be detailed somewhat. If anyone has any info, or scanned instructions from a plastic kit, please pass it on. Thanks.
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    Thanks, Rikstef. I've been to that site, but I just haven't found a clean view of the lighting. Most of the shots aren't quite close enough for these eyes. I may just need to get down to the hobby store and look at a plastic kit, or one of the walk-around booklets.
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    I just used the link provided by rmks2000 and changed the "43 of 52",
    in the address to 44 and 45.
    Great pics!
    I have not checked them all, just thought I would drop that hint.

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    Thanks, guys. My search actually put me to Don's links with all the photos. Ijust selected the one pic to show that I found a decent shot of the light and bracketry.
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