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    Didn't say save. Said print. Thought the mighty Illustrator could open and edit vector pdfs. If not check out what I said to Nothing about GSview and convert the pdf with that and edit the output in Illustrator.
  2. small update

    evenin folks ..another quick update..

    quick render of model so far..
    please bare in mind its the first time for me using 3dsmax so i'm learning as i go..

    also still waiting for advise on colouring the model once the parts are made..

    again let me try to explain what help i need...

    in the pic above is a big red part,this part is coloured red to help me design the 3d model ,once the part is unfolded in PEP i want to be able to change the colours of the part in another program,so i need to be able to select each face in turn to re-colour it , hope this explains it?
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    Wrong advice, sorry. That works with the original Pepakura Designer but not with Pepakura Designer 2. I've PM'd you.
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    Isn't that where the texture mapping comes in? You would apply (map) the coloring/textures to the model in the 3d design program. Then when you export to Pep the textures should follow. Does the new version of Pep allow you to apply textures?:confused:

  5. ermmm okies i'm using 3dsmax for the 3d design ,if i apply texture in that it ,for a start does not look right on the model(tried all the settings to alter the texture),then if i do use it even though its not right ,PEP will NOT read the texture,and i just get basic colours,this is why i want to texture it after its been saved from PEP in another format,,

    the best i have managed so far is to save it as an eps,

    open it in illustraiter and put the texture image as a page background image,then overlay the part and make it see through,the problem with this is the background image needs to be deleted from the final print ,,,ermm think i explained it?
  6. yet another update

    mornin folks ,another quick pic of 3d progress..

    the pic is of parts 0002 to 0195 ...alot more to be done lolz

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    The place to do what you want to do is in 3dsmax. Not somewhere else down the line.

    I really urge you to look into the texture aspect in 3dsmax some more. It's a mature, well known and well used product, so I'm sure it can handle textures properly. I don't have it myself, but I know in Meta for example you can have it scale down the textures during development (makes things faster) then set it to higher resolutions for final printing.

    There's plenty of 3ds and 3dsmax forums and sites on the Internet to assist you.

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    Hey Laugh, any progress on this one?

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