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  1. Hi folks..

    ive already started a thread on another forum so i think its about time i started it here...

    Q) What is "laugh's Project"
    A) At the moment a secret sign1

    Q) What Scale is it?
    A) Unknown at the moment(but gonna be big!)

    Q) How many parts?
    A) Again Unknown at the moment but appox 3000

    Okies this is first time ive tried designing with the software i'm using,

    so onto some info and pics..

    i got hold of a nice 3d mesh of the model i want to design in paper,the mesh itself contained over 7000 seperate meshes,after saving them all as single meshes i then had to sort though them to see what i could use,some of the meshes were actually just lines,rather than an object,the line meshes all have to be discarded,to just leave the meshes that are solid shapes.

    next after slowly learning how to actually use the software, i'm now editing the good meshes into foldable paper parts ...

    ive made a few example pics ....

    first pis shows a single part as a whole,in my mind it would be difficult to fold i one go.

    so ive started breaking it down into sub-parts ..

    again the part as a whole from another angle.

    and again broken down more.

    thats it for now sorry ...

    and please be patient its gonna be a long project ....

    comments and questions welcome
  2. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    WOW! Even that one piece looks rather complicated! Looking forward to seeing some more :)
  3. more pics

    a few more shots

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  4. redhorse

    redhorse Member

    I see you built a paper model camera (that's pretty cool!), so I have no idea what this will be. I'm going to have to watch this and find out, looks interesting so far.
  5. hi folks

    hi folks just to let you know that i'm still working on this thing when i get the spare time to sit down and work on it ...

    its taking longer because every time i add another part i have to go back and forward changing stuf where the parts join ...

    and on that note i have a question....

    i'm opening the parts up in PEP and unfolding them ,,great so far , the problem i have is with export and saving the development..

    what is the best format to save it in so its easy to edit colours of the parts etc?

    i have photoshop and illustrator and non of them seem to be good for editing the parts?? ....unless i'm doing it wrong??

    help anyone?

    thanks in advance
  6. CK Styles

    CK Styles Senior Member

    Looking pretty cool. Sure looks like the head of a recent robot star to me. This will be interesting to watch.
  7. ermm wrong sign1

    not a head..its actualy described as the "engine"...and ive only shown the first few parts of it so far.....

    keep guessing ...

    on a side note i got to part 48 of the design and found a major fault in my design,, had to go right back to part 1 and start again..oh well only a few weeks work down the drain sign1 ...

    more to come soon...
  8. CK Styles

    CK Styles Senior Member

    doh .... my bad. Hmmmm.
  9. small update

    small update from last post....

    ive now got back to where i was before,thankfully not to many parts to correct...

    new pic ,a quick render of parts 2-52, different colours are just to make it easier for me to build the 3d model up in stages ....

    enjoy ..and keep guessing...

  10. small update

    hi folks ..another small update so you know its still an active project..

    a quick screenshot of progress..(file name blacked out)

    again the multi colours are just for my benifit while i design the thing,...
  11. knife

    knife Member

    Can I assume the light blue toggle looking things are view ports?
  12. little update

    ermmm nope! lol

    i love this guessing game .....

    maybe once a few more parts are added the guesses may get better..

    i need a few more days on it first though ....

    keep watching...........
  13. CK Styles

    CK Styles Senior Member

    It certainly looks like something WWI or II doesn't it. Dials, rivets etc. Hmm.
  14. lolz

    lmao ..certainly NOT WW1 or WW2 .......

    think a few years ahead ....

    okies this is my last reply for a while ,, gonna get stuck in with the project..
    once i have a few hundred parts added (current progress .part 84) i will post another pic..
  15. 57townsman

    57townsman Member

    I know what you're building :mrgreen:

    Boy, I gotta hand it to you, you've got some big ones to take on something like this :eek: I will be watching regularly and offering my support and encouragement. See you next update!


    Spoiler below, highlight to read:cool:
    Matrix APU
  16. hmmm

    dunno how you got it ..but well done ,and yes its a big project,i'm using several different models as refference,so process is long and slow...
  17. sjsquirrel

    sjsquirrel Member

    pep and recoloring

    Laugh, You've mixed terms a bit there, so with that in mind:

    You asked "what is the best format to save it in so its easy to edit colours of the parts".
    The ease of editing the colours is really determined more by the software you use to do the editing, rather than the file format. However, I would recommend uncompressed, or lossless compression formats (like bmp, tga, or tiff for example). I've experienced instances where I edit an image to cleanup noise, say from a scanned schematic that's mostly black and white, then save it to jpeg (a "lossy" compression format) only to have the compression introduce other noise back in to the image.

    In your second statement you said "i have photoshop and illustrator and none of them seem to be good for editing the parts??"

    What sort of problems are you having? I assume you meant editing the colours again. Editing the parts you would do in your 3D program, right?

  18. okies bit hard to explain but i will give it a go ....

    the 3d model is made up of "faces" i need to be able to save the development in PEP to a format so i can colour each "face" on its own, ive tried already in several programs without sucess because "PEP" only save as a whole image rather than seperate faces,,,

    this better explained?
  19. looker

    looker Member

  20. thanx for that but sorry NOT what i need ...

    the above software saves as a complete image! NO GOOD..

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