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Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by Arjun, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. Arjun

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    Has anyone used a Lattice or FFD in making a 3-D model for an unfold? I tried using one on yet another attempt at making a Boeing 707, and found that the lattice shapes the model neatly, but the cuts (as many in the cylinder for the fuselage) on the model are not at the same place as the cuts in the lattice. How do I ensure that? I am trying to get cuts at the same place as in the blueprints.
  2. Arjun

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    I think I've got that fixed, but when I apply the lattice, I find that the vertices near the nose get compressed, forming a star shape instead of a circle.

    These are the blueprints I use - Front, Top and Side, Bottom

    First, I made a lattice to fit the cylinder for the fuselage along the side. With that done, I then proceeded with the top view and when I look in front, I find that strange diamond shape. I use Cardinal interpolation to get the best fit. I'm still clueless here.
  3. Arjun

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    Oops...I see the letters N, O, O and B staring at me. In fact, we were not even taught the fine points of using FFD in our modelling module in Max!
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    I knew you were talking about Max but using FFD to unfold???? FFD is a quick and dirty way to distort an overall mesh but your probably better to switch to sliding verticies in subobject model. Not only that but if you print off your reference pictures and then pencil over them a plan on how your going to place subdivision lines on them, you will have a plan of battle before you start pushing pixels. Many projects have gone down the tubes on me because I went in guns blazing and halfway through a project, painted myself in a corner because I didn't plan out the mesh better.

    The best way to use Max for creating models is to go find some game modeling tutorials which show you how to create a working mesh using the base tools of Max... Mesh Modeling or Polygonal Modeling. Also check out some tutorials for Milkshape since it's a barebones modeler and the methods that you learn there can really help you design in Max better.

    Also great modeling tutorial is here it's a character modeling tutorial but if you read through it, it will provide some excellent concepts to understanding what your modeling.

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