Last run for switchers fromSmurfit-Stone Portage du fort QUEBEC

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    Ottawa Central is now doing the yard switcher there as required and the company owned units are making a final trip to Ottawa for unknown long term storage or ?
    they are suppose toleave tomorrow after they do switching at the mill.
    anyone interested?
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    Ottawa Central took over plant switching in the Smurfit-Stone pulp mill at Portage Du Fort Qubec.
    Location to give more of a location, former CN line from Ottawa Ontario to Pembroke, Ontario, along the Beachburg Sub.
    History of the mill locomotives
    Stone Consolidated Originally Bathurst Power and Paper, then Consolidated Bathurst.
    2 Alco 73586 9 1945 S-1 [n] Louisville & Nashville #24;
    Consolidated Bathurst #2, 3/1969;
    Stone Consolidated #2, Portage du Fort,
    Stone Consolidated #3, 1989.
    4 EMD 23461 9 1959 SW900 (n) RI #512 (EMD model SW, s/n 664), 3/1938;
    (2) RI #911;
    Switchers left at track speed over 25 miles a hours to Walkley Yards in Ottawa. I do not know what the next stop for the switchers is going to be.

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