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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by nx13688, May 13, 2005.

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    I know that it is not ideal to print models with a laser printer, but I've never tried it. Is it bad enough that someone who isn't a hardcore cardmodeler would notice it? I am looking at doing some custom simple model race cars for local teams. They would want a fairly large quantity, but not necessarily enough to warrant commercial offset printing. That leaves color copying or color laser printing as my options. Opinions?
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    I've heard that you can achieve good results with inkjet print, if you use waterproof inks
    Laser print tends to crack if bent sharply, and it's glossy (not a problem for racecars anyway...)
  3. I've been reasonably happy with laser printing as long as the stock is then sealed with some type of sealer. Krylon is what I prefer in flat, satin or gloss depending on the application. But laser printing will flake and crack on sharp folds as the toner is applied to the surface rather than being absorbed by the stock as in an inkjet. But I think laser is more color fast and suffers less from fading. IIRC Dr. Emil Zarkov's printed kits are laser printed and the method is recomended in his printing instructions.

    One potential problem with using the sealers is the possibilty of blurring fine detail when the sealer is wet and partially softens the toner.
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    Laser or ink?

    Up to this time, when constructing my own models or when modyfying other models, I do print them usink a laser printer HP (some of these big-and-very-very-expensive-A3-office-network-printers :p ). As this printer is located in my office, I pay the paper only.
    The biggest drawback is not the glossy surface or cracks in colour (this could be solved by VERY careful handling), but the unstability of colors - two identical pages would have the same colour only when printed one right after the other... Tomorrow? Phew! Completely different shade...
    I am considering buying this Epson C64 or C66, which has so-called Duraink technology...

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